How to Keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor? Ultimate Guide to Preventing Recliner Movement

stop recliner from sliding on wood floor

Are you tired of keeping your recliner in one place and want to know how to keep the recliner from sliding on the wood floor? Then, you end up at the right place because we have the correct details in the article below.

The sliding recliner has a terrible and negative impact on your health and the wooden floors. The siding has a terrible impact on a recliner and damages it because its frequent sliding affects its internal parts and mechanism.

To solve this problem, you need to keep the recliner fixed in one place. For that, you need to use Rubber pads, furniture grippers, and other efficient things on your recliner to prevent it from sliding on any wooden flooring.

While researching this topic, we met many furniture experts and found the best solution to keep a chair from sliding on the hardwood. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to it.

How to Keep Recliner from Sliding on the Wood Floor:

Keeping the recliner from sliding well prevents you from getting damaged and keeps your recliner in one place. There are a couple of different things that you could do to keep it fixed, which are given below.

Area Measurement:

To make your recliner stable, it is essential first to measure the size of the recliner and the surrounding area to find the exact location of the recliner in the room. 

Furthermore, briefly examine the surrounding furniture and check if anything makes the recliner unstable. After observing the recliner size and surrounding area, I found some efficient tools below that you could use to keep your recliner stable on the wood floor.

If you want to stop the recliner from swivelling, then please click the linked text to read the efficient guide.

Using Rubber Pads:

Rubber pads are one of the cheapest and best options to go with. The rubber pads are easy to install, and you can use them for almost any type of furniture, including chairs, sofas, and recliners. The rubber pads stick to the flooring and keep the recliner or any other furniture fixed in place.

These rubber pads will keep your recliner in place on wooden floors, carpets, thick rugs, and other flooring types. These rubber pads are easy to install; place them on your recliner legs, and it’s ready to go.

The rubber pads can be found in any store, and you can also choose from different sizes and varieties.

The Furniture Gripper:

The updated version of rubber pads is furniture grippers. The rubber pads and furniture grippers are almost the same, but the furniture grippers are the latest version and work better than rubber pads. These grippers also come in different sizes; you can choose whatever you like and fit the best.

The grippers work very well on furniture and especially on recliners and stop them from sliding on wooden floors. Make sure to get it according to your recliner leg sizes because sometimes it’s not the right size, and the recliner legs slip from left to right.

It can be found in any hardware store, and you can order it online. The furniture gripper is more expensive than rubber pads because it lasts longer and works well.

Installation Process for Furniture Grippers:

If you can’t install the furniture grippers, this short and quick installation process is for you. Otherwise, skip the installation part and read the further article.

  • Prepare the Recliner for the Grippers:

Remove the pillows and blanket from the recliner, keep away all the furniture, and provide enough space to the recliner, which will keep your hands on to complete the installation process.

  • Clean the Recliner’s Feet:

Clean the feet of the recliner with a damp cloth and wipe the dust particles. With the cleaning process, the grippers will accurately fit the recliner’s feet quickly.

  • Positioned the Grippers:

After cleaning the feet of the recliner chair, please fix the grippers under each foot. Check the recliner’s Stability while slightly pushing and pulling the recliner.

If it is still moving or sliding, recheck the feet and apply the correct force to each foot to make the grippers align center.

Check the Stability of the Recliner Chair:

Move the recliner chair here and there to check the Stability of the recliner. Also, check the gripper’s surface; if any sticker-like material is attached to the grippers, please peel it first because your grippers are new.

Using Rugs:

rugs hepls to stop recliner from sliding

A rug is a unique problem-solving method to stop a recliner from sliding on the wooden floor. Using a thick fabric rug is the best way to go because it has fabric that keeps your recliner in place and prevents it from sliding, especially on the smoothest surfaces.

Rugs are handy because they’re cheaper and look terrific in your living room. Installation is easy, and you must get an aesthetic rug matching your interior. Just place it under your recliner. It will prevent your recliner from sliding and give an aesthetic look.

You can also use carpets instead of rugs, but I recommend you use rugs. Because carpet can cover your entire room from one wall to another, it is hard to install and expensive compared to rugs.

Use Mats:

mats are used to keep recliner from sliding

How to stop the recliner from sliding on the wood floor? Using mats on your floors is another possible and best way to prevent recliners from sliding. Mats are cheaper than carpets; you can get them in small sizes that will fit only your recliners.

Usually, mats cover the entire room floors, giving you a nice look and preventing your furniture from sliding. If you don’t have enough budget, get a small mat for your recliner.

The mats are available in different types, sizes, and colors. So whenever you want to invest in it, get it according to your interior aesthetics; otherwise, it will seem very odd.

Using Corks:

Using cork is one of the cheapest but nature-friendly ways. A cork is found very effective in preventing furniture from sliding. It’s not permanent and has no adhesive, so you can remove it anytime.

All you have to do is get a cork and then make a cut with the size and shape of your recliner leg. Usually, it’s square, so make it square. After cutting the cork, apply it to all its legs and enjoy a sturdy and stable recliner.

The recliner leg may be sunk into the cork after a while, but don’t worry about it because it’s cheap, and you can get new cork heads anytime. It’s also environmentally friendly, so you feel free to use it.

Stop Blocks:

Another effective way to stop your recliner and all your other furniture from sliding is to use stop blocks. It’s very durable and can’t be broken easily. It’s also very effective on all floors, especially slipper ones.

Usually, the blocks are more expensive than the rubber pads and grippers, but you can make them on your own at home. All you have to do is to cut the shape of your recliner’s leg on cardboard and place it under your recliner legs.

You can find it in any hardware store or order it online. But make sure it matches your recliner’s legs.


Keeping a recliner is suitable for both the recliner and the floor. It is also suitable for you because a sliding recliner could cause an accident, and you get hurt. The fixing solution is also relatively easy; following the above step, you can solve this problem quickly.

I hope we have answered the query: how to keep the recliner from sliding on the wood floor, but if you have any questions, ask them in the comment sections.


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