How to Open Recliner Without Handle?

proper guide to open a recliner without handle

If you are facing the same problem as I was, how to open a recliner without a handle? If yes, then you are in the right hands. The handle of a recliner is used to recline the recliner chair in multiple angles, but when it is broken or stuck, that would make you feel very frustrated. But don’t worry, I have some technical solutions for that.

Opening a recliner with a stuck or broken handle is not a big deal; it doesn’t require a highly qualified Person to Unlock a Recliner without a handle.

I faced this problem a month ago, and after my practical DIY solutions, I’m using my recliner once again and getting maximum comfort and relaxation. I have solved both of the problems and discussed some valuable methods for Operating a recliner without a handle.

Also check a step by step guide to fix a broken recliner frame in few easy steps.

Now, scroll down and read all the essential points, methods, etc.

Safety Precautions:

Before starting the technical process of your recliner, please keep all the below points in mind to keep yourself safe.

• Remove the Electric power cable from the recliner.

• Move the recliner to an open place.

• Secure the recliner’s positions.

• Call someone to assist you.

• Keep your children and pets away.

Recliner Handle Mechanism and their Possible Issues:

The recliner handle mechanism is the basic part of a reclining chair, which is used to control the recliner movement. It may be in the form of a lever or handle that is attached to the hidden reclining mechanism of the chair. This system makes it easy for the chair to switch between sitting up straight and leaning back to make it comfortable and convenient for the user.

Examine the Recliner Handle:

Examine the handle of the recliner chair to ensure which type of damage the handle faces. Check whether the handle is broken or stuck due to some reason.

Possible Issues with the Recliner Handle:

The recliners offer comfort and relaxation, but their handle mechanisms can sometimes create problems. So, using a recliner chair, you may break the recliner handle, or the handle gets stuck due to some reasons. Now, scroll down and read all the possible reasons below.

Wrong Use: The recliner handle can become damaged or bent when people use improper techniques while pulling it in or out. Such incorrect usage can harm the handle’s integrity and lead to functionality issues.

Applying Excessive Force: If you push or pull the recliner handle with force, it might break, strain the mechanism, or make the chair unsteady. Be gentle to keep it working right and safe.

Low-Quality Materials: A recliner handle made from low-quality materials can result in several issues, such as breaking the handle, handle lockage, or being stuck with solid use.

Handle Breakage: It may break or crack easily due to the low-quality materials used in the recliner handle.

Reduced Durability: A recliner handle with reduced durability indicates that it may not last as long or withstand regular use as effectively. This can result in a shorter lifetime for the handle to be broken.

Poor Performance: A recliner handle’s poor performance is due to low-quality materials, wear and tear, improper use, or neglecting maintenance. To ensure smooth operation, choose quality recliners.

NOTE: Investing in a recliner with a handle made from high-quality materials is advisable to avoid these problems.

Methods for Reclining a Chair with a Broken or Stuck Handle:

Following are the Methods that can be taken to recline a chair when the handle is broken or stuck.

tips to open a recliner chair without handle or broken handle

A. How to Open Recliner without Handle

When you are sitting in your recliner, you find that the handle or the lever you are pushing is broken. So, don’t worry; there are a few things you can do to open your recliner without the handle.

Try using your body weight to help you recline the chair. Lean back in the seat and use your legs to push up on the footrest. This should assist in opening the recliner.

If leaning back and pushing the footrest doesn’t work, try this stand next to the chair and pull up on the armrest. You can also pull on the footrest while pushing up with your legs. If none of these methods work, it’s a good idea to call a professional to fix your recliner.”

B. How to Open a Recliner with a Stuck Handle

1. Examine the Situation

Take a close look at your recliner to know why the handle is stuck. In this method, you will inspect the chair if you see any visible issues or reasons why the handle is not functioning correctly. It is most important to find the root cause before attempting any fixes.

2. Apply Lubrication:

Use a lubrication spray like WD-40 on the handle and its moving parts. Lubrication can work wonders by reducing friction and freeing up any jammed components. Apply the spry to the jammed areas of the handle, which would allow the handle to work smoothly.

3. Gently Move the Handle Back and Forth:

Try moving the recliner handle gently while applying moderate pressure; sometimes, a minor obstruction could cause the handle to stick. Gently wiggling it can help release any tension and encourage smoother movement.

4. Check for Obstructions in Your Recliner’s Handle:

  • Inspect the fault around the handle of your recliner for any debris, objects, or the mess of tangled cables.
  • The handle‘s path may be blocked by objects or even loose cables, creating hurdles to function correctly. Removing these obstructions can often solve your recliners’ handling problem.

5. Engage Release Mechanism:

Check to ensure that any secondary release lever or button is pressed correctly. Because some recliners have a secondary mechanism designed for safety, make sure that it is activated to unlock the recliner. Check for buttons or levers near the handle that can help you operate it.

Replace the Stuck Recliner Handle Spring:

How you can replace springs in a recliner when the handle is stuck: you need to access the recliner mechanism by removing the fabric covering from the recliner. And identify the broken spring. Remove it with the pliers and replace it with a new one.

How to Replace the Old Recliner Handle:

1. Grip lever Replacement

Take a replacement lever that matches the model of your recliner. You can get it from a recliner chair manufacturer or retailers who sell recliner chair parts.

2. Locate the Adjustment Mechanism

Begin by positioning yourself in front of the chair; you will see that the adjustment mechanism will be located either on the right or left side beneath the chair’s seat.

3. Remove the Broken Handle

When you find that the damaged handle remains connected to your recliner, you should consider unscrewing or detaching it from the adjustment mechanism. This step is essential to facilitate the replacement process and ensure the proper functioning of the reclining feature on your chair.

4. Attach the New Lever

Securely fasten the replacement lever to the adjustment mechanism as per my guidelines. This usually means firmly attaching it in place, screwing it into its position.

5. Test the Reclining Function

When you attach a new lever, test the reclining function before to ensure that it is properly working or not.

Things to avoid while Opening the Recliner Without the Handle:

Following are the professional tips to avoid blemishes while opening the recliner without the handle:

• Use the Provided handle when you open your recliner to avoid these blemishes to its mechanism.

• If you find that your recliner’s handle is no longer working correctly, don’t force it if you don’t have any idea how to fix it.

• Don’t lean it back heavily or forcefully when sitting, as it can damage your recliner; if you do so, it will not function properly.

• Do some care, as I have discussed in the above article, to use lubricants like WD-40 so your recliner will offer you comfort and you will enjoy it for years.


How Do I Know if My Recliner Handle Breaks?

There are a few clear signs that your recliner handle might break. If the handle feels loose or wobbly, it’s a sign that it’s not working well and could break soon. Also, if you see any cracks or damage on the handle, it’s a clear indication that it’s not in good condition and might break soon. 

How can I Open a Recliner Without a Handle?

If the recliner handle is broken, you can easily open it manually by pushing back your arms and shoulders. This simple trick unlocks the reclining functionality, and it allows you to enjoy the comfort of your recliner. You may get the answer.

Will it be Safe to Use Tools Like Screwdrivers or Sharp Metal on My Recliner?

While it’s possible to remove a broken handle with tools like screwdrivers or a sharp metal on my recliner, it’s essential to exercise caution. Also, following the safety precautions is vital to prevent any damage to your recliner or injury to yourself during this process.

How Do I Prevent My Recliner Handle from Breaking?

When you maintain the longevity of your recliner’s handle, you need to lubricate the handle once every six months. This makes smooth movements of your recliner handle and prevents components from seizing. Moreover, avoid applying excessive force to the handle, as it can lead to damage over time. Lastly, inspect the handle periodically for signs of wear or damage and replace it promptly if needed.

Can these methods be used on all Types of Recliners?

All the above methods discussed in the article, that is, reclining a chair with a broken or stuck handle, can be applied to various recliner types. However, the ease of application may vary depending on the specific recliner’s design and mechanisms.


It would help if you were not frustrated when you find your recliner’s handle is broken, stuck, or for any other reason. By following this method, which I have explained word by word in the above article, you can fix your issue.

You can use such tools as screwdrivers, heat applications, and lubricants. You can effectively solve this challenge. These methods ensure that a broken handle will not stop you from relaxing and reclining as you usually would. So you can enjoy your recliner once again. Good luck.


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