Are Recliners Dangerous for Cats? The Ultimate Recliner Safety Guide for Pets

are recliners dangerous for cats or pets

If you have a cat in your living room where you are also using a recliner chair, then the question arises, “Are recliners dangerous for cats?”. This brief article explores the potential risks caused by recliners to cats and how to keep them safe.

Recliners are a cozy companion for relaxation, but they can pose a certain risk to our feline friends (cats). As much as we adore the comfort of recliner chairs, they harbor potential danger to our cute and curious pets “cast” because of their exploring behavior.

The cats usually wander around and love to find a snug spot under the recliner and other furniture where they have something caught in recliner moving mechanism, leading to severe injuries and maybe death.

Below, we have a detailed guide that answers whether recliners are dangerous for cats. So, let’s get to it.

Are Recliners Dangerous for Cats?

Recliners are dangerous for cats for a couple of reasons, and we explain some of the basic ones in the headings below with a detailed guide.

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Trapped Under Recliner:

Cats are one of the most curious pets, and you might know that they usually crawl into places they are not supposed to go. Those spaces also include a recliner base and tight space under the recliner where they might easily get stuck.

The main problem has not been stuck; it’s bigger than that, and that is the cat getting squished whenever someone unknowingly sits in the recliner and reclines it. It can cause severe cat injuries, which can also lead to death.

So whenever you have a cat pet in your house, you make sure to check your recliner before sitting in it or use a cat safe recliner.

Getting Electrocuted:

A recliner is an electric chair connected to a power outlet or run by a battery. Recliners need the power to operate most of their features. But that electric feature can pose a risk to your cats and other pets. The cats chew everything they find in your home, and the power cord is one of the most common ones, which can end up electrocuting them or causing severe burns.

Getting Injured:

The recliner has many reclining positions and moving parts because of its customizing feature. These moving parts are suitable for their users but can pose a significant risk for your pets, especially cats. It is because they can get caught in it, hurting them and breaking their legs or killing them.

How to Prevent Cats from Recliners?

After knowing the potential danger of recliners toward cats, now it’s time you should do something to protect your cats from getting injured by recliners. We define some basic safety steps that you should apply to your cat and recliner to keep them safe.

are recliners dangerous for cats or pets in  a home

Training Cats:

Training cats can be challenging, but it’s one of the best ways to keep your cat out of the recliner and safe. You should train your cat so that wherever she avoids the recliner, you should reward her with a treat.

The cat will avoid going near the recliner chair by doing this exercise for a few weeks, especially under the recliner.

Keep Recliner Away for Cats:

Another best thing to do is keep your recliner away from your cats. Let me explain: usually, people keep their recliners in the living room where they can relax, which is where cats spend most of their time. You should keep it away from your living room and place it in your bedroom, where it will be away from your cat, and you can also use it whenever you want.

Warps Sides of Recliner:

If none of the above suggestions work, it is time to wrap your recliner side to keep your cat snuck under it. It doesn’t seem like a proper solution, but trust me, it is a simple solution that works and makes it a cat-proof recliner.

You should get a soft material like fleece or foam and wrap it around your recliner. You can use glue or anything else to attach the material to the recliners. It will keep your cats safe, but your recliner is secured in one place.

Use Motion Device or Spray:

If none of the above methods works and your cats still approach the recliner, you may need a new way to keep your cat away from your recliner. You should keep the cats away by using spry detergents, or you can invest some money and get a motion-activated device, which is safe.

The Detergent spray emits and creates a very unpleasant fume to only your cats and keeps them away from your recliner. The spray is not expensive, but it will do the trick.

The motion-activated device keeps the cat away by making sounds or, in some of the latest models, can also emit unpleasant gasses.

Before using a detergent spray or motion-activated device, you should use its instructions because it uses chemicals.


How Do I Protect My Cat from Recliners?

You can protect your cat from the recliner by using a motion-activated device or detergent spray, which keeps them away from your recliner. You can also train them by keeping them away from the recliner.

Are Lift Chairs Dangerous for Pets?

Lift chairs are dangerous for small pets because they can get trapped under them, hurting them. There are many cases of small pets getting trapped under the lift or regular recliner and getting hurt. So, should you know there is a risk before considering getting one?

How to Keep Cats Safe around Recliners?

It would help if you covered the recliner side with soft foam-like material to keep your cats away from your recliner and make them pet-safe recliners.


As you probably know, that recliner is a comfortable piece of furniture, but it can pose a risk to your curies and agile companions’ cats. The recliner can cause a potential hazard for cats, which can hunt them and also kill them. You can protect them by creating a safe environment.

I hope you get all the risky factors of the recliner for pets, but if you have any doubts about the topic, ask it in the comment section.


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