How to Dismantle an Electric Recliner Chair?

tips to dismantle an electric recliner sofa

Do you need help with dismantling your electric recliner sofa or chair? Be Calm because you are at the right place. As you know, an electric recliner is designed to be comfortable and relaxing. Still, people with different mindsets and reasons want to disassemble their electric recliner sofa or chair, such as cleaning, customizing, inspecting, and replacing parts.

I have a lot of experience assembling and disassembling electric recliner sofas and chairs. In this blog, I will provide step-by-step instructions that can be applied to most electric recliner sofas. And the good news is that the lift chairs also come apart.

Before disseminating your recliner, you must be confident and skilled to complete every step successfully. So prepare yourself to dive into dismantling your recliner sofa. Scroll down to read all of the guidelines below.

Essential Tools Used In:

While dismantling the parts of an electric recliner sofa, you must bring a set of tools to work sagely disassembling a lift chair. The following are the essential tools to be used in your dismantling process.

  • Screwdrivers: Screwdrivers Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers of various sizes.
  • Wrench: An adjustable wrench helps loosen and tighten the nuts and bolts of your recliner sofa
  • Needle-nose Pliers: You would also need Needle-nose pliers that can help you grip and remove small screws or wires in an electric recliner chair or sofa.
  • Hammer: Need a hammer that can assist in tapping to dislodge stuck parts.
  • Socket Set: A socket set with various sizes is essential for removing nuts.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Use personal protective equipment like safety goggles to protect your hands and eyes from sharp edges.
  • Plastic Pry Tool: These tools can help you quickly separate panels or parts without causing damage to you and your recliner sofa or chair.
  • Lubricant Spray: Use a lubricant spray that will lose tight components or parts.

Safety Precautions:

  • Unplug the power cable of your electric chair.
  • Move the recliner to an open place.
  • Keep small children and pets away.
  • Keep a First aid kit nearby.
  • Beware of the sharp edges of your recliner.
  • Use proper tools

How to Disassemble a Lift Chair: Lets Dive Inside:

Follow the below Steps to disassemble your Recliner:

disassemble the recliner sofa

1. Clear the Area:

The first step is to clear your area when you disassemble an electric recliner. Clearing the surroundings means easy access to your electric recliner sofa parts and avoiding any damages and accidents.

2. Set the Recliner to Upright Position:

You need to adjust or set it to its upright position and check if it is entirely in a straight position. It is essential to safely and effectively work on your electric recliner sofa or chair or perform tasks such as dismantling, cleaning, customizing, inspecting, and replacing parts.

3. Remove the Power Cable:

Disconnect the recliner from any power source or unplug it from the wall socket.

4. Find the Screws:

Inspect the visible screws on your recliner frame. Look for the visible screws and take a start to open them.  

5. Unscrewing the Components:

Unscrewing the parts of your recliner sofa, you will need to use appropriate tools such as screwdriver, Philips depending on the screw type. If the find the stripped screws then check a proper guide to remove the stripped screws in a few easy steps.

6. Remove Cushions and Pillows:

cushions and pillows are usually used in the seating area and back. While removing any items, try to clear the area and grasp the cushion or pillow with both hands. Pull or lift the cushion or pillow away from the recliner sofa and keep them in a dry and safe place. 

7. Taking off the Backrest:

Taking off your recliner’s backrest is straightforward. You would need tools like a screwdriver wrench to remove screws and bolts. Remove the backrest carefully because some power wires should be disconnected. Now, carefully lift the backrest away from your recliner and keep it in a safe and dry place.  

8. Dismantle the Seat Assembly:

You need to follow the essential points while dismantling your recliner seat and assembly. 

  • Clear the surrounding area first.
  • Search for the screws and bolts; remove them with a screwdriver or wrench if located.
  • Disconnect the Electrical components and wires.
  • Once done, lift the seat assembly away from your recliner’s frame.
  • Keep the seat assembly dry and safe to avoid damaging it.

9. Remove Armrest:

while removing the Armrest of your recliner, you need to follow some steps.

  • Locate the screws or bolts and remove it. For this process, you would need a screwdriver and wrench and keep care of the screws or bolts, to not slip them off. If you slip them, it will become challenging to get your recliner chair back into shape.
  • Now carefully lift one side armrest of the seat and then go for another. Pull it away; don’t pull too hard, or you will break the chair.
  • Once you separate the Armrest, a long bolt should come from inside that slides into holes on the outside and needs to be unscrewed.
  • Take it off by unscrewing it from the inside of the recliner sofa.
  • Now your armrests are removed with a proper technique.

10. Dismantle Lift Mechanism:

You would need to follow some essential steps to dismantle the lift mechanism.

  • Locate and unscrew the screws or bolts that secure the lift mechanism to your recliner’s frame.
  • You may find the lift mechanism underneath the recliner sofa and remove it carefully with the appropriate tools.
  • Now, lift the mechanism away from the frame of your recliner.
  • Remember to keep a plastic bag with the removed screws and bolts.

11. Disconnect Recliner Power Motor Unit:

To disconnect the power motor unit, locate it, as it is always located beneath the seat or within the frame. Disconnect the power cord, or you may see wires; disconnect them carefully. It depends upon the model of your recliner sofa.

12. Taking off the Footrest:

to remove the Footrest of your recliner sofa, you need to start by removing the power cables connected to your Footrest. If it has electric components, locate screws or bolts and remove them carefully. If safety latches secure your recliner sofa footrest, disengage them. After all, fasteners and latches are removed. Now lift the Footrest away from the recliner.

14. Store Components Safely:

First, ensure that all the components are removed. Such as Screws, bolts, electrical components, Backrest, Armrest, seat assembly, and Footrest and use a fabric to shield them from dust and damage.  

Note: while dismantling your recliner, read the above instructions carefully to avoid any damage and follow the above safety precautions to avoid any injuries.

Note: while dismantling your recliner, read the above instructions carefully to avoid any damage and follow the above safety precautions to avoid any injuries.


How Can I Remove the Back of My Electric Recliner Sofa?

To remove the back of your electric recliner sofa, you need to find or locate the screws on the back of it. First, remove those screws using the proper tools mentioned above in this article. After that, try to pull up on the back of the recliner, and it will easily slide out. But remember, while lifting your recliner back, both sides are free.

What are the Necessary Tools before Dismantling My Recliner?

Screwdrivers, Philips and flat-head screwdrivers of various sizes. Also, an adjustable wrench, needle nose pliers, a hammer, a socket set with various socket sizes, and personal protective equipment.

Can I Call Friends to Help Me Lift My Chairs Apart?

Yes, you can obviously call your friends to help lift your chair apart. Calling more friends can make your work easy and safe. Ensure everyone works according to my article and follows all the safety precautions to avoid injuries.

What Should I Do Before Opening My Electric Recliner?

Before opening your electric recliner:

  1. Ensure that the area you are working is clear and safe.
  2. If you find any obstacles, keep them away; after that, check the power cable to see if it is connected to your recliner and remove it quickly.
  3. Follow all the safety precautions to help dismantle your recliner sofa quickly and safely.

Why is a Screwdriver Essential to Dismantle an Electric Recliner Chair?

A screwdriver is an essential tool to dismantle your recliner chair or is used to remove screws. The screws are used to secure the frame and also the parts of it. It is essential to have a proper screwdriver to help in dismantling your electric recliner chair or sofa.


In conclusion, to dismantle an electric recliner sofa, you should follow some essential steps like removing obstacles around you for safety and easy access to tools.

Also, remember all the safety precautions to get safe while disassembling your recliner chair. Now I hope you have enough information to fulfil your task. If you have any queries related to the topic, please feel free to ask them in the comment section.


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