How to Make Recliner Stay Reclined? Troubleshooting Recliner Reclining Problems

How to Make a Recliner Stay Reclined

Are you tired of battling your recliner to make it stay reclined, but it still refuses to do so, and want to know how to make recliner stay reclined? Well, you are at the right spot because we will solve your problem so you can enjoy your recliner without interruption.

Making a recliner to stay reclined needs a little work, like checking the tension and adjusting the screws underneath its base. It also requires additional work, like lubricating its mechanism and replacing or repairing damaged or broken parts.

We have discussed this issue with those who have been through situations like this, and then we make a handy guide about why my recliner won’t stay reclined. So, let’s get to it without wasting any time.

Why Won’t My Recliner Stay Reclined:

It’s frustrating when your recliner falls back when you don’t want it and can’t stay reclined. Here are some common issues which are the reason for this problem.

Loose Tension Knob:

The tension knob in a recliner becomes loose over time and causes problems in the recliners. The loose tension knob slips into an upright position and can’t stay in its Position.

Worn Out Springs:

There are springs in the recliner mechanism that wear out over time and make it unable to maintain a reclined position; in fact, it can’t even recline.

Also read essential tips to measure your recliner spring accurately.

Damage Parts:

Damage or broken parts of a recliner mechanism or overall recliner can prevent your recliner from doing many things, including staying reclined. Many things, including rough usage, could damage the part of the recliner.

How to Make Recliner Stay Reclined:

You must pass it through a proper process to make your recliner stay recliner. Below, we defined some basic steps to help you solve the problem that the back of recliner won’t stay up.

Adjusting Tension Knob:

Adjusting the tension now will help keep your recliner reclined for as long as you want. First, you should locate the tension knob of your recliner, which is usually at its bottom. After finding it, now turn the knob clockwise to increase its tension. Now check the recliner after your adjustment, and If you like it, leave it at that adjustment; otherwise, change it again.

Tightening Loose Screws:

Sometimes the recliner back won’t lock in place because it has loose screws, especially in its recliner mechanism. So what you should do is get a screwdriver and wrench and tighten all those screws and bolts securely in your recliner mechanism and the overall recliner.


Lubrication can also play an essential role in the recliner and its mechanisms. To help reduce friction and keep your recliner in place, apply lubricating oil and grease to its moving part, especially the recliner mechanism.

Check for Damage:

Damage to recliner parts is also one of the reasons the recliner won’t lock in place. You should inspect and check your recliner for damage or broken parts. All you have to do is check the recliner visibly for broken mechanisms or parts. If you don’t find it, it’s good, but if you come across any broken parts, consider repairing or replacing them with a new one.

Worn out Spring:

Worn-out spring is also one of the primary reasons your recliner won’t stay reclined. The reason for worn-out spring is mostly usage, and that makes it weak. Change the spring to stay reclined as long as you want.

Getting Professional help:

After checking all the above solutions, despite your efforts, your recliner persists in that problem; we advise you to seek professional help. Getting professional help could be the best solution for your recliner. They will diagnose the problem and fix it within a few minutes.


How Do I Make My Recliner Easier to Recline?

You can make your recliner easier by turning the thumb wheels to adjust to your needs so it can be reclined more easily. You can also lubricate the recliner mechanism, making the recliner easier to recline.

How Do You Keep a Recliner from Tipping Forward?

There are different solutions for this, like using Rubber strips, a yoga mat, a thick towel, or a carpet, which will be helpful to prevent your recliner from tipping forward. You can also use a furniture pad that can go below the recliner.

How Do You Keep Your Recliner in Place?

Keeping a recliner in one place can be a big problem when you have smooth floors. To keep your recliner in one place, you can use a rubber grip when holding it in its place; you can also keep it a rug or a thick carpet.

Do all Recliners Fully Recline?

Well, it depends upon the type of recliner, and there are different types in the market. Some recliners can recliner up to 140 degrees while others can recliner up to 180, making it fully flat, and then you can use it as a bed for sleeping.

Tips for Keeping a Recliner Chair in the Reclined Position?

  • For keeping a recliner in the reclined Position, you should check its thumb wheel and make it adjust because a loose wing nut can prevent keeping a recliner in a reclined position.
  • You can also maintain the reclining mechanism and repair or replace broken or damaged parts.


Keeping your recliner in a reclined position is essential for overall comfort and for your furniture to work normally. By understanding its mechanism and following the above maintenance steps, you can ensure that your recliner will remain in top-notch condition and can offer you comfortable, relaxing reclined positions.

I hope you understand the overall process of keeping your recliner stay reclined, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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