How to Move a Recliner by Yourself? Move it Like a Lone Wolf

guide to move a recliner by yourself

Moving a recliner from one place to another is not as difficult as you think now. Because here, we have prepared an easy step-by-step guide on how to move a recliner by yourself without damaging the recliner and, of course, yourself too.

Recliner is considered the most comfortable piece of furniture, especially when you return home from a hard-working day. The recliner is your only friend which can reduce your stress and relax your body.

But what happens if you get bored in your old room or want to move to your new house? You must think about your heavy recliner to move it to your new place. Worry not. Here our expert team of recliner furniture prepared a well-researched guide that would make your moving or shipment task easy. 

Also, you will save money by calling a company offering expensive services to load and unload heavy items.

So without wasting your important time, we should focus on the topic briefly described below.

Note: If your recliner frame gets damaged while moving, then check our well-researched guide about fixing the recliner frame mechanism here.

How to Move a Recliner by Yourself.

Moving a recliner from one place to another is easy, but we should go through some steps to clarify our mission to finish your recliner moving task as safely as possible.

Determine the Size and Weight of the Recliner:

To move a recliner from one place to another, first, we should determine the size and weight of the recliner, how much the recliner weight is and how big it is in size.

Normally, the average weight of the recliner is 105 lbs, and mostly, they are 40 inches wide. So here we have confirmed the size and weight of the recliner.

Determine the Size and Weight of the Recliner before moving a recliner chair

Check for the Potential Obstacles in the Path:

Now It’s time to check where you would move the recliner; if you want to move your recliner to the adjustment room or the lounge on the same floor, then you should only check the door size of the room, normally the standard door size is 36 inches, but first, measure your door size.

By the way, if you want to move the recliner to the second floor, you should measure the size of the upstairs and all other access points. This step will clear all the potential obstacles you might encounter while moving the recliner.

Determine the Ideal Location:

After measuring the door size and clarifying all the potential obstacles, it’s time to determine the location where you would move the recliner. Ready for the new room and decide where you will keep your recliner in that room.

Gather all the Necessary Tools.

necessary tools to move a heavy recliner

If you want to make your task as easy as possible, use some of the necessary tools to move your recliner without applying too much force. Following are the essential tools that would help you to move your heavy recliner quickly.

  • Furniture Sliders
  • Cardboard
  • Moving Straps
  • Dooly

Use Furniture Slider:

A furniture slider is a game changer for everyone to move their heavy items, including a sofa bed, a heavy table and a recliner. Slip the furniture slider into the recliner’s feet and push the recliner smoothly. This amazing technique would save you efficient time.

Use CardBoard:

A cardboard is a stiff form of paper usually made of some waste of wood chips material. Keep the cardboard underneath the recliner’s feet and slightly push the recliner.

You can find cardboard at home; you can take it from the product shipment box or your new speaker box. If you have no budget, use free cardboard; otherwise, purchase the furniture sliders mentioned in the above paragraph.

Use Moving Straps:

A moving strap is a piece of equipment that would help you move your heavy recliner easily. You can easily wear the moving straps; this would distribute your recliner weight across all parts of the body. So your arms and legs would not do it all on their own.

Also, use heavy-duty gloves, which would make your hands safe from any type of dangerous scratches. 

Moving Dolly:

A moving dolly, also called a hand truck, has wheels and moves heavy items from one place to another. There are different types of moving dollies, but few are common, with two and four wheels.

I would only recommend the moving dolly if you have a small budget or are not interested in moving your recliner through moving straps and cardboard.

Prepare Your Recliner to Move:

So, after identifying all the potential obstacles and moving tools, it’s time to prepare your recliner to move. To move your recliner easily, you should make the recliner lighten as much as you can.

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First, check if any electric part is attached to the recliner; remove it to save it from any damage. Remove any extra cushion attached to the recliner and tighten all the screws with a screwdriver so they do not fall apart from the recliner while moving. Now your recliner is ready to move.

Precautions for Upstairs:

How to move a recliner up stairs by yourself. If your destination room is upstairs, you should use the bungee cords or straps to secure the back part and footrest of the recliner from any damage.

As mentioned above, you should make your recliner light and short to move it upstairs. You should remove the extra cushions attached to the recliner. 

If your recliner’s back is removable, then pull the back of your recliner so your recliner is in two pieces. You can carry the pieces easily through the tight doorways or upstairs.

Loading and Unloading Process:

If you want to shift your recliner to another house, take some precautions first.

Loading and Unloading process of a recliner chair
  • When loading your recliner onto a moving truck or any vehicle, your recliner should be in an upright position. Keep the recliner in the corner or near the vehicle’s wall and secure it using a durable strap.
  • You can also ask a family member or the truck driver for assistance, but only if your recliner is too heavy.
  • Take care of sudden jerks while loading the recliner, so maintain control.
  • When reaching the final destination, remove the straps from the recliner and safely unload them from the truck. Also, check all the paths from the truck to the final destination. Remove any small items from the way and move the recliner while using moving straps or Dolly, depending on you.

Safety Precautions:

Following are the safety precautions to take care of while reaching the final destination.

  • Please check all the recliner parts; if anything is moving, it may result from small jerks during loading and unloading. Take the screwdriver and tighten all the screws and debris.
  • Reassemble the recliner parts; I mean the back of the recliner or any extra cushion which was separated before the loading.
  • Clean the dirty parts if they are getting dirty in the loading process.
  • Remove the taps or anything else if you have wrapped the recliner before loading.

Now your recliner is ready to use, enjoy the new place with a sip of coffee.

Final Thoughts:

Ahh… finally, we are at the conclusion after explaining the trending query of moving a recliner from one place to another. Moving a recliner from one room to another is not as hard as you think, but you would need to get help through some efficient tools.

Also, if you need to move the recliner upstairs or out of the house, please read some precautions I have mentioned in the above article. I hope your query “How to move a recliner chair by yourself” is solved here.

If you need more information about the queries related to the recliner, please visit our website or ask it in the comment section. One of our team members would quickly respond to your question.


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