Can Sleeping in a Recliner Cause Blood Clots?

does sleeping in a recliner chair cause blood clots

Can sleeping in a recliner cause blood clots? Let’s explore the truth in the article below about why people think sleeping in a recliner is bad.

Sleeping in a recliner is very sweet and comfortable. It gives you the real comfort that you need and require. Most people get recliners, especially for sleeping, but some people blame recliners that it will affect your blood flow in the shape of DVT(deep vein thrombosis)

You sleep for hours in a motionless position, causing a blood clot, not a recliner. If you sleep for hours without getting up or changing your position, no matter what you are sleeping in, you will get problems like these. Sleeping in a recliner the way it is meant to sleep can prevent different problems like poor blood flow and blood clots.

For this article, we researched for hours, talked to many doctors, and devised a proper procedure for sleeping in a recliner to prevent further problems. So, let’s get to it without wasting any time.

Before reading more details, check a helpful guide about the recliner’s effect on leg circulation.

Can Sleeping in a Recliner Cause Blood Clots:

The Recliner doesn’t cause blood clots; sleeping or sitting for hours motionless causes blood clots. The Recliner is not responsible for blood clots; it’s your bad habits of sleeping and sitting responsible for having it in the first place.

Can sleeping cause blood clots? Blood clots depend on sitting or sleeping motionless for hours, which has nothing to do with a recliner. But people blame the Recliner for getting blood clots; well, it’s because the Recliner is used for sleeping and sitting.

Well, there is more probability of getting blood clots while sleeping in a recliner than sleeping in bed. There are different procedures and steps that you can follow to prevent it from happening. But first, let’s discuss what blood clots are.

What are Blood Clots?

A blood clot is when normal cells or other blood substance turns into a semi-solid mass in your blood vessels. Blood clots are good when they happen naturally and protect against too much bleeding. When you get injured and start bleeding, the blood clots in that area can be lifesaving. 

Blood clots in the cut or injured area are normal, but sometimes, a body creates blood clots called DVT (deep vein thermoses) in the legs, arms, and other body parts. These DVT cause blood swelling and pain in those areas.

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Causes of Blood Clots:

The cause of blood clots is usually related to sitting for long hours. Some of the basic causes of blood clots are given below.

  • Setting too long is one of the reasons for causing blood clots.
  • During the period of pregnancy.
  • After getting surgery, it is possible to get blood clots.

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How to Prevent Getting Blood Clots While Sleeping in a Recliner:

can you the Prevent Getting Blood Clots While Sleeping in a Recliner chair

To prevent getting blood clots, you have to change different sleeping positions. Some of the effective sleeping positions are given below.

Sleeping on Your Side:

Sleeping on your slide, especially on your left side, is good for your health. It improves proper blood circulation, prevents blood pooling in your legs, and gives you proper sleep. 

Elevated Largest:

Elevating your leg is effective against blood clots because it increases blood circulation. All you have to do is elevate your legs with a pillow or adjustable footrest above your heart level. Sleeping in this position promotes proper blood flow and reduces the risk of getting blood clots.

Avoid Crossing Your Legs:

It’s obvious that sleeping or sitting while your legs cross restricts blood flow, eventually leading to blood clots. All you have to do is avoid crossing your legs while sleeping in your comfortable Recliner

Change Position Regularly:

Stay out of one position all night long. Prolonged sleeping and sitting cause blood pressure in a different part of your body, leading to blood clots.

Whenever you sleep in your Recliner, change your position throughout the night to promote proper blood circulation.

Using Pillow Support:

Use the pillow as support for your legs whenever possible. Using pillow support for your legs is very important, and it encourages blood circulation.

Ending Points:

A recliner, by nature, is a very comfortable and healthy piece of furniture, and it doesn’t cause blood clots. If it does cause blood clots, then it’s because it uses a bad way of usage. Sleeping for hours in a motionless position is the main reason for getting blood clots, and it doesn’t relate to any recliner.

I hope you have the answer to the trendy query: can sleeping in a recliner cause blood clots but if you have any questions related to the topic, then ask them in the comment section.

Topic Related Important FAQs:

Is it Bad to Sleep in a Recliner Every Night?

Sleeping in a recliner for a short time, like taking a nap, is not harmful and does cause any serious damage, but sleeping in your Recliner motionless for hours could be dangerous. It will cause blood clots, hip contractures, and cause muscle tightening.

What is the Best Sleeping Position to Prevent Blood Clots?

Raising your legs is the best way to sleep in a recliner to prevent blood clots. You can use a pillow and place it under your knees or legs which is the best solution to improves blood circulation and prevent blood clots in the human body.


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