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fix your recliner that leans on one side

Recliner is used a lot because of their relaxing and comfortable features, but it becomes intolerable when it starts to lean only on one side. If you want to know how to fix a recliner that leans on one side, stick to the article to know its complete procedure.

A recliner has a lot of benefits and features, but it also has some problems, especially its leaning, which is way worse than you think. It not only reduces your comfort level, but it isn’t nice for your posture and back.

But worry not; it is fixable, just like other recliner problems; you can fix it quickly and recline it properly. All you have to do is follow the complete fixing process, which our expert team experienced, and put the difficult process in one frame.

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How to Fix a Recliner that Leans on One Side:

After using the Recliner for quite some time, you may face multiple problems in which leaning on one side is frequent. It changes the whole comfortable recliner experience into a distressing feeling.

The leaning on one side of the Recliner doesn’t only make it uncomfortable but also makes it unhealthy to use it. It will affect your overall health and especially your backbone. But worry not; you don’t have to change the overall Recliner because there is a procedure through which you can fix it.

Before fixing it, you should know what is causing the Recliner to lean on one side. After that, we can prevent it from ever happening again.

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The Causes of Recliner Leaning to one side:

As I mentioned, learning to fix the Recliner is the second step to knowing its cause. Different reasons can cause your Recliner to sag on one side. Some basic reasons are given below and discussed in detail, so let’s dive into them.

Bad Quality Frame:

One of the reasons the Recliner leans to one side when reclined is its weak and bad-quality frame. The frame in a recliner is one of the most important parts, and most of the recliner mechanism is based on it. But when it has bad quality, it lets the overall Recliner lean only on one side.

By the bad quality frame, we mean it usually has a weak frame with poor quality of manufacturer and poor quality of engineering. You should avoid buying a recliner with a bad-quality frame, but how do you know it has a bad-quality frame?

To check the recliner seating quality, you must check it before purchasing the Recliner while sitting for a while. You should activate and check some features that are multiple reclining positions. This also includes the advanced features of massage and heat at the back of the Recliner. 

Bad Quality Frame, how to fix a recliner that leans on one side

Recliner with Broken Mechanism:

Another main reason for recliners stuck on one side is broken recliner mechanisms. A recliner mechanism lets the user recline into multiple positions, but if it’s broken, it only allows you to lean on one side.

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The mechanism could break because of frequent use, but it can be fixed easily by replacing it. 

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Uneven Upholstery:

Well, this one is obvious; most recliners have one side padded while the other has no proper cushion, making it lean on one side only. It could also cause severe health problems.

Fixing this problem is very easy and simple. It would be best to have an extra cushion on the other side of the Recliner or add padding on the seats.

Fixing Recliner Leans One Side:

We have described the process of fixing a leaning one-side recliner properly so you can follow and fix your Recliner yourself. It will require some basic tools, which I will tell you about along the way. So let’s begin.

Step 1: The first step is to access the Recliner’s frame; you have to access it from the bottom of it. Some of the recliner frames can be accessed from the back so that you don’t need to turn them upside down the Recliner.

Step 2: Now start removing the screws through the screwdriver from the recliner footrest and its wooden panel. You need to remove the screw to access its main mechanisms. Keep the screw safe with you to put it back later.

Step 3: After that, you can also remove any leather or fabric covering the mechanism of the frame. Now you have to check for recliner tension springs.

Step 4: The recliner tension spring could have different problems. One of them could be broken, so your Recliner only leans to one side, so you have to replace it with a new one.

Step 4: Another problem with the recliner tension springs is that the screws become very loose, so you must tighten them with a screwdriver.

Step 5: The tension springs of your Recliner could also be stuck, which causes the Recliner to lean only to one side. For that, you have to lubricate them with proper lubrication. These lubrication products are easily available in the market, and you can also purchase them online.

Step 6: After that, you should check the joint of the Recliner because it can make a cracking sound. If it is not in good shape, replace it; otherwise, lubricate it.

Step 7: If the Recliner has broken wooden panels, fix it with any glue when it has just a small crake; otherwise, replace it too.

At last, put all the screws back in their places and secure the Recliner. 

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Ending Points:

Leaning the Recliner to one side is a common problem that the Recliner has faced for quite some time. Sitting in a recliner like that is uncomfortable but unhealthy and bad for your back.

You can fix it by following a simple process which is better than replacing the entire Recliner. 

I hope you understand how to fix a recliner that leans on one side, but if you have any questions, let me know in the comment section.

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