How to Stop a Swivel Recliner from Swiveling? No More Spinning Around

how to stop a swivel recliner from swiveling

Are you getting bored with the swivel feature of the recliner and want to know how to stop the swivel recliner from swiveling? Worry not; here, I will guide you through my own experience in a step-by-step process to lock the swivel feature of the recliner. 

At the start of this quarter, I just purchased a new recliner with a building swiveling feature. The working mechanism of the recliner was excellent at its starting days. I experienced each and every feature of the recliner during my working time. 

I used the swivel feature to rotate the recliner at 360 degrees, which allows me to access all the small items around me. As time passed, I got bored with the funny turning movements of the recliner. Sometimes I just put the stick under the recliner mechanism to stop the recliner, and sometimes, I push the recliner to the wall to stop the swivel mechanism, but I fail to keep the recliner from turning. 

It was a turning point for me when a college friend, an old recliner user, guided me through some excellent tips.

So in this article, I will provide you with all the well-experienced tips to solve your problem. Quickly scroll down and read all the step-by-step guides to make your recliner stable, and thank me later.

Understanding the Swivel Mechanism of the Recliner.

While going deep to solve the problem, it is essential to understand the Swivel Mechanism of the recliner first. A recliner chair combines multiple advanced features, and the swivel is one of them. The Pivot joint and ball bearing make the recliner swivel, providing easy access to the surrounding items. 

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Reasons To Stop Swiveling:

Following are the reasons why you might want to keep the recliner from turning.

  • Lack of Focus: Working in an office or at home for long hours requires proper focus to complete your task on time, but it may be affected by the recliner chair’s continuous swiveling.
  • Decreased Productivity: As I mentioned in the above paragraph, a continuous turning of the recliner chair reduced productivity. One can not manage multiple works at a time while swiveling.
  • Can Disturbed Ergonomics: Repeated Swiveling of the recliner chair disturbs the ergonomic structure of the human body. You may face serious issues, including back or neck pain, by swiveling the recliner continuously.
  • Potential Tripping Hazard: Excessive swiveling of the recliner chair can create a possible tripping hazard in your workspace. As a result, it can cause damage to your body parts.
  • Potential Equipment Damage: Repeated swiveling of the recliner can increase the chances of damage to the recliner parts. The swiveling of the recliner increases tension and strain on the reclining mechanism, which can lead to severe damage to different parts of the recliner.

Helpful Methods to Stop the Recliner from Swivelling and Turning:

How to stop Recliner from Turning: Here we will discuss some helpful and practical techniques to simplify your job. 

Note: Do each step with proper focus to make yourself safe from any possible damage.

Required Tools:

  • Wrench or Allen Wrench: While loosening or tightening the bolts or screws of the recliner, you would use a wrench or Allen wrench, depending on the design of the reclining chair.
  • Screw Driver: The screwdriver would help you to tighten or loosen the screws attached to hold recliner parts. 
  • Lubricant: Before starting the mechanic process, ensure you have some lubricant to help you quickly lose the stiff screws.
  • Brackets: Brackets or L brackets would be used to provide proper stability to the recliner swivel mechanism. 
  • Hammer: This tool of the mechanic process would be used for tapping to fix the rubber pads to the swivel mechanism. 
how to stop a swivel recliner from swiveling

How to Stop Swivel Recliner from Swiveling?

Here I will teach you some practical steps to stabilize your recliner without calling any professional. But keep in mind that use all the above tools with proper protection. Practice each device for a few minutes before starting the process.

Activation of Locking Mechanism:

Some Swivel recliners come with a hidden locking mechanism located at the base of the recliner, which is used to stop the recliner from swiveling, but not every recliner chair has a built-in locking mechanism.

  • Flip the recliner down and locate the locking lever; normally, it is located at the base of the recliner.
  • Please read the manufacturer’s guide before engaging with the locking mechanism.

Try to Use the Rubber Pads or Grips:

Rubber pads are round-shaped furniture grippers usually used to prevent the floor from scratching. But here, you can use rubber pads or grips to stop the recliner from turning or swiveling.

  • First, measure the dimension of the rubber pads or grips, and cut it in a perfect size.
  • Attach the rubber pads to the swivel base, and gently tap the rubber pads through the hummer to fix it perfectly to the swivel mechanism.

After fixing the rubber pads to the base of the swivel, please check the stability of the recliner to have a secure grip on the floor.

Use Cable Ties:

A cable tie is a type of wire generally known as tie wrap or zip tie used to hold items together. But here, you can use it to secure the swivel mechanism of the recliner.

Use cable ties to stop swivel recliner

Turn the recliner upside down and locate the area of the swivel mechanism where you would secure the cable ties to stop unwanted movement.

Find the hole or gap in the swivel mechanism and thread the cable tie to the hole or gap. Remember to secure the cable tightly so it will not slip out after some time. 

Repeat the process to thread two or three tie cables for maximum stability. This DIY solution is more secure and cheap, which can work for a long time.

Wedge Stopper:

Using a wedge stopper is a simple and cheap technique to stop the recliner swiveling.

  • Look for the wedge in the market or make one in your home from a piece of wood. Ensure the wedge is in the perfect size to fit nicely between the floor and the swivel base.
  • Place the wedge stopper underneath the swivel base of the recliner and check if it stops the rotation or not. If your recliner comes in a stable form, then congrats, your task is accomplished.

Potential Precautions and Considerations:

Keep some points in your mind during the process to save yourself from financial or any body parts damage.

  • During the modification process of the swivel recliner, please do not disturb the recliner design as it can avoid the warranty.
  • Use gloves and long boots to be safe from any severe injury throughout the process.
  • Keep in mind that any method used for the modification of the recliner can not damage the stability of the recliner.

How Do I Stop My Recliner from Moving?

If you want to stop your recliner from moving here and there, then first take some effective measurements to secure a stationary seating experience. You can follow a simple and easy solution by just putting a rug on the floor, which can help to stop your recliner from moving.

The second solution is to put rubber pads under the feet of your recliner to prevent unwanted movement of the recliner chair.

How Do You Lock a Recliner in Place?

As I mentioned in the above paragraphs, some models of the recliner have a locking mechanism. So it depends on your recliner; check the base of the recliner; if it has, then pull the lock of the recliner up, and that’s it. If your recliner has no locking feature, then use grips or rubber pads.

Ending Points:

So finally, we are at the end of the topic of stopping the swivel recliner from moving. You can use some standard tools such as screwdrivers, hummers, wrenches, brackets, and lubricants. You can activate the built-in locking mechanism at the recliner chair’s base. Use rubber pads or grips to stop your recliner’s unwanted movements. 

If you have any other related query to the topic, ask quickly in the comment section. One of our team members will join you in a few minutes.


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