Are Recliners Bad for Your Hips? The Surprising Connection You Need to Know

Are Recliners Bad for Your Hips

Recliners are people’s favourite furniture pieces, so people like using them for naps, reading books, and eating. But its usage raises a question: are recliners bad for your hips? Well, stay with us to know the proper answer.

A recliner is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture, and it is not bad for the hips. A lot of doctors recommend it for many reasons. But some essential factors make the recliner bad for your hips, causing pain and other problems.

Our expert team finds some common reasons and situations that cause hip problems. But worry not; we also discuss its solution, so stay with us.

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Are Recliners Bad for Your Hips:

Are recliner chairs bad for your hips? No Recliners chairs are not bad for hips, but some situations make them bad. It also depends upon your recliner, which means if it provides the proper support, then it could be good.

But it is also essential to use it correctly. Sleeping in a recliner for long hours or sitting in the wrong and improper position is terrible for your hips and overall body.

Sitting for long hours in a recliner can also cause blood clots, one of the worst health issues.

A few factors can lead to hip pain while sitting in your recliner. We describe it in detail, so let’s get to it without wasting time.

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Improper Posture:

Can sitting in a recliner cause leg pain? No, it’s not but sitting improperly for too long in a recliner or any other chair is very bad for your hips and causes leg pain. While sitting in a recliner in the wrong position puts a lot of pressure on your hips. The uneven weight on your hips can lead to severe pain.

Reclining in an improper position is also bad for your spine and can affect its natural alignment, leading to other severe health issues. So whenever you sit in a recliner, ensure you sit correctly; otherwise, it will affect your hips badly.

Improper Posture and proper posture while sitting in a recliner, are recliners bad for your hips

Not Enough Lumber Support:

Another main reason for having hip and other back problems is a lack of lumbar support. Your overall health needs some lumbar support while sitting in the recliner. Why is lumbar support necessary? Well, it’s because, without lumbar support, your body’s weight shifts forward, putting extra pressure on your lower back and hips.

The best way to use a recliner is with proper lumbar support, and there are many types of lumber support, so choose which suits you. The lumber support will help you maintain your spine correctly and prevent the user from having lower back problems.

Not Having Headrest:

If you are using a recliner but not with a headrest, then your head and hips may be in trouble because not having a headrest is one of the reasons for poor posture and over-body discomfort. With the lack of a headrest, your neck will feel pressure and pain.

The headrest provides the required support to the head, which it needs. The headrest will support the head and neck and help the overall body balance. If you want relief from hips problems and neck pain, you need to invest in a suitable headrest recliner.

not having headrest while sitting in a recliner which can cause hip pain

Prolong Sitting:

Prolong sitting in a recliner is one of the main reasons for having hip problems such as hip dysplasia, which can cause severe pain. If you do not have a medical condition, you shouldn’t sit in a recliner all day because it can stiffen your overall muscles, legs, and especially your hips.

Can you sit in a recliner after hip surgery? Yes, You can but try to change the seating position occasionally.

All you have to do is take a break from sitting all day. You have to take a break from sitting for 30 minutes. If you can’t walk, you should at least change your position.

Bad Cushions:

If you have a terrible recliner cushion or are worn out, it can also be bad for your hips because not having a proper cushion can lead to severe hip problems. The discomfort from bad health can also lead to some serious health issues.

The cushion gives your hips and leg the support which it needs and requires. So whenever your recliner cushion is worn out, you must get a new one or at least repair it first.

Highted Recliners:

Height in a recliner can be a huge problem, leading to serious problems. The height in a recliner plays an essential part in sitting comfortably; it means if the height is proper, then you can sit comfortably; otherwise, it could be the reason for hip pains.

Too much height of the recliner is also very uncomfortable even to sit in. Sitting in a very high recliner can pressure your hips and joints, leading to severe problems.

So whenever you get a recliner, get it according to your height; otherwise, you won’t find comfort.

Ending Points:

Are recliners bad for your hips? No recliner is not bad for hips unless you don’t use it the way it is meant to be used. Certain factors make the recliner bad for your hips but worry not because they can also be controllable.

I hope you get what you are looking for, but if you have any questions about today’s article, ask them in the comment section.


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