How to Hide the Back of a Reclining Couch? 7 Easy Solutions

tips to hide the back of the reclining couch

Are you decorating your room and rearranging the furniture for the upcoming party of your son? Or maybe you are preparing your space for the winter vacation. Still, some aspects are creating difficulties in your way, like the appearance of the back of a reclining sofa, and you want to know how to hide the back of a reclining couch, so this article is for you.

Furniture, especially recliners, are the most attractive and comfortable piece to provide a beautiful look to the living room’s aesthetic. But what happens if you rearrange the furniture and the back of your recliner appears?

It can ruin the aesthetic of your living room. Worry not! In this article, we will explore some efficient and easy solutions to help you achieve your desired living room setup. So, please scroll down without wasting your precious time to get quick solutions.

Understanding the Back of a Reclining Couch:

There are different types of recliner mechanisms, some manual and some power-consuming. The Mechanism of a recliner allows you to recline the chair into 2 or 3 different angles and can be controlled with the touch of a button.

However, this recliner mechanism often results in visible hardware and components in the backrest, which may affect your desired room aesthetic. So, it is essential to understand the structure of a reclining couch and the possible causes of the room environment. Here, we would find the practical solutions to hide the back of a reclining sofa. 

understanding the back of a reclining couch

Look for the Right Couch:

When choosing a recliner for your room, ensure the back of the reclining couch matches your room decor. Look for sofas with solid frame structures or decorative details that can be showcased in your living room instead of hiding while pushing the recliner to the wall.

Select the recliner with customizable features, allowing you to choose your needed upholstery material and favorite color, ensuring a fabulous look throughout your space.

If you want to arrange your living room with two recliners, then please click the linked text to read a proper guide.

Stylish Solutions to Hide the Back of a Reclining Couch:

Many standard solutions are available that can help you hide back on a reclining couch, but they are temporary. Here we have compiled a few efficient and practical solutions that can help you permanently hide your reclining sofa.

Decorative Cushions and Pillows:

Decoration plays an important role when choosing furniture for your living room. You can divert the human mind from the back of a reclining couch by strategically decorating your recliner with stylish pillows and cushions. By arranging them thoughtfully, you can create a visually and stylish appealing focal point. 

Slipcovers and Throws:

use slip covers or throws to cover the back of a reclining sofa
Use the Slip Cover & Throws

The Slipcovers and Throws are an affordable and versatile solution that can conceal the back of your reclining couch. Before choosing the Slipcovers, ensure they fit the reclining sofa snugly and match your room decor.

The same is on the Throws side; strategically trapping the back of the couch while using throws can provide a cozy touch and easily divert human attention from the boring mechanical components.

Decorative Room Dividers:

As mentioned in the above article, the decor is crucial for a living room. So, if you want to hide the back of a reclining couch, use decorative room dividers to create an elegant solution.

The room dividers included hanging curtains and folding screens, which can easily hide your reclining sofa back and add sophistication to your room space.

use decorative room dividers to hide the back of reclining couch

Wall Art and Decorative Mirrors:

You can quickly draw attention away from the back of the couch by using decorative mirrors and beautiful wall art in your dining or living room. Choose attractive and good-looking artwork that complements your room decor.

These artwork include wall decals, beautiful paintings, and nice looking prints; hang them above the couch to create a captivating display. The decorative mirrors make your living room visually exciting and reflect the light, creating a beautiful sense of openness and depth in your living space.

Bistro Sets or Small Dining Tables.

Putting a few small dining tables in front of your sofa can create a beautiful environment for your space and can hide your couch’s back. You can use these dining tables only for conversation or small decorative items because using these tables for lunch or dinner can create a risk for your recliner to gain stain. 

Same in the case of bistro sets; use bistro sets in front of your reclining couch. It would also help your kids to put their school bag stuff on it and study in a beautiful environment.

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DIY Solutions to Hide the Couch Back:

If you have a clever mind, this section of the article will be easy for you. Here we have listed two DIY (Do It Yourself) Solutions that would help you hide your reclining couch back and add some personalized touch to your room decor, which may be very interesting for you.

hiding the back of a recliner tips

DIY Backrest Covers:

Craft some of the backrest covers with upholstery techniques and fabric, or you can also test your sewing skills. All you have to do is measure the dimensions of your recliner backrest and create covers that fit accurately.

Make sure that the fabric you use can match your room decor and add interesting texture. While ensuring a cohesive design, this DIY approach will allow you to tailor the look of your reclining couch.

Tapestry or Fabric Panels:

Fabric panels and tapestries are used to decorate the walls of the living room. But if you want to hide the back of the reclining couch, you can create fabric panels and tapestries to cover the reclining couch back.

Make sure to select the type of fabric that matches your style and preferences. Also, measure and cut the panels securely in a step-by-step process and then attach it. These DIY solutions would show your natural talent and creativity through which you can customize the look of your reclining couch.

How Much Space Do You Need Behind a Reclining Couch?

According to our research team, the space needed for a reclining couch depends on a different reclining model. Some recliners need a minimum space of about 4 to 6  inches from the wall to fully recline. At the same time, others need a maximum space of about 1 to 2 feet to extend their footrest and headrests. 

But if your recliner is near the room door, it is called the high-traffic area. Then, leave enough space behind the reclining couch for the guest or family members to move freely behind the couch without bumping into the back of the recliner sofa. 

Also, consider the overall dimension of the room while rearranging the room furniture. Ensure the room has enough space for the recliner to keep it from hitting the walls or other furniture.

Ending Points:

You can hide the back of a reclining couch while following the right strategies to provide a nice-looking texture to your room environment. You can use slipcovers and throws, room dividers, and all this stuff discussed in the article to divert the human mind from the reclining couch to the room decor.

Also, you can use a few small dining tables and bistro sets behind the reclining sofa, but do not use these tables for eating, which can create stains.

Furthermore, if you want to apply some homemade techniques like Diy Solutions, it can make your complex task easy. So it was all about the topic; for further information, visit our website to get all the solutions related to the recliner queries.


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