Where to Put a Recliner in a Room?

where to put a recliner chair in a living room

Are you wondering where to put a recliner in a room for maximum comfort? Then this article is for you because below, we discuss some of the ideal positions and options for you. So, let’s get to it without wasting any time.

Finding a perfect and fitting place for your recliner in a room is challenging. Should I place it here or there? Where should it look nice, or where should it fit perfectly? These questions may need clarification but worry not because we have the answer to all your questions.

Whenever you place a recliner into your room, make sure to prioritize natural light, accessibility, proper connectivity to a power outlet, easy access, and also free space to roam around. When a place has any of the above things, then that place is worth placing your recliner.

After discussing this problem with interior design, we now have a detailed guide on placing a recliner in a room. So let’s get to it without wasting any time.

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Where to Place a Recliner in a Room:

The first question that comes to your mind is where to put your new recliner whenever you buy it or plan to buy it. There are different places in a room that are considerable for your recliner. We define a couple of them, so choose which one you like and which suits your conditions.

Against the Wall:

One of the first places that come to everyone’s mind is placing the recliner against the wall, which is also the ultimate position of other couches and chairs. There are a lot of benefits to placing it against the wall like it is easy to access from different positions and angles, and it also doesn’t become an obstacle in your way.

You should be aware of a couple of things before placing your recliner against the wall. Leave some space between your recliner and the wall to let it recline properly. You need some extra space behind the recliner so you can move around quickly and don’t face problems connecting to the power outlet.

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Near a Window:

place the recliner near the window

Placing a recliner near a window is also a very suitable choice. If you are getting a recliner for an elder and want to put it in their room, then placing it near a window is the best place. Near a window is the best place for relaxation due to the warm natural light and cold wind breeze, which is the best medicine to help you relax.

Keeping a recliner close to your window is good, but you must also be careful around the rainy season. Close the window during rainy seasons or summer days. You can also change the position of your recliner if you face any of these situations.

Adjacent to Focal Point:

Usually, people place their setting or living room furniture at a good focal point. You can set your recliner on an adjacent focal point, like a TV or fireplace. Usually, people face their furniture on their Television. What it does is that you can watch TV while relaxing when there is no one to chat with.

There is only one flaw in this furniture set that takes you too much space back and forth when it’s reclined. So please place it in that position so it doesn’t bother anyone passing around.

In a Corner:

Another suitable position for your recliner in a room is to place it in one of the corners. Their corner is a perfect place for a recliner when you only use it for relaxing. Placing it in a corner is also a good option for reading, gaming, and sleeping.

Just like placing it against the wall, in the corner, you must keep a gap for your recliner backrest when it reclines. Usually, people keep it so tight that it won’t recline properly.

Consider your Own Choice:

Above we discuss some of our basic considerations for placing your recliner to get the most out of it, but you can also choose your preferences. There are a lot of different places and positions where you can place your recliner in your room or your living space.

You can place it in your home theater or for gaming in front of your Xbox or PlayStation. You can set different angles, so make sure to place it anywhere you can get 100% from your recliner.

Factors: Placing a Recliner in a Suitable Location:

put a recliner in a living room

There are different recliner living room ideas out there that everyone should know when you take a recliner into a new room. Some of those factors are given below, so you must read it.

Accessibility and Convenience:

Where to put a recliner in the living room. Well, make sure it has proper accessibility. Unlike other furniture, you need a spot to place it; a recliner needs accessibility and easy convenience.

Proper View:

Another thing you need to know is to place it somewhere it has a good view. Most people don’t consider it an essential factor but trust me, it is. You should put it near a window if you like natural light or clean air; otherwise, you should place it facing your tv.

Managing Size:

Placing any furniture, including the recliner, needs to be put in its proper place because it not only should have easy accessibility but also have enough space to move around it. It also needs room to recline appropriately, so it must be placed behind your recliner.


Placing a recliner in the proper location is essential for maximum relaxation and comfort. There are different options, but choose the one that suits your needs and requirements.

I hope you have all the points for placing the recliner in a suitable room location, but if you have any questions, ask them in the comment section.


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