Unveiling the Secrets: How to Hide Power Recliner Cords Like a Pro!

How to Hide Power Recliner Cords

Are you irritated by the power recliner cord, which gives you difficulty managing? Then you come to the right place because below is a detailed article about: “How to hide power recliner cords?”.

Power recliners are everybody’s need, and everyone has it because it makes life easier, but their power cord makes the opposite, which is making your life difficult. How difficult, you may ask? Well, a Power cord lying around could be the reason for tipping over; it gets damaged, and its electrocution is also very dangerous, especially to children.

That is why you should find a proper solution. One of the leading solutions is to hide the power recliner cord, which should make people safe and protect the recliner cord from getting damaged.

After doing hours of research and talking to experts, we concluded some of the best ways to solve the topic: how to hide recliner wires, described in detail in the article below, so let’s get to it.

Hiding Power Cords: Do it Like a Pro:

Hiding power cords is an essential thing to consider whenever you see power cords around. Hiding a power recliner cord not only prevents damage but also has a safety aspect, which is defined along with other factors in the article below.

Before describing how you hide power recliner cords, we should first know the different types of power cords.

Also, check the step-by-step guide to add power to a manual recliner.

Types of Power Recliner Cords:

There are two types of power cords out there. The first one is Stationary cords, and the other is working cords. Stationary cords are lying on the ground just like their name suggests: Power recliner cords, TVs, Desktop computers, Extension cords, etc.

The working cord is the one that moves from one place to another, which includes the cords of laptops, mobiles, tablets, kitchen appliances, etc.

Types of Cords, how to hide power recliner cords

The stationary cords required most of the hiding because they will be there permanently unless you remove the device from there. The working cords don’t require any hiding because they are just temporarily lying on the ground.

Now move to different methods of hiding your power cords

Cord Covers:

The most effective and cheap way to hide your power cords is by using power cord covers. These covers will not only keep your power cords safe from wear and tear but also keep them out of sight.

The power cords are available in different types and sizes. The installation is easy; you must place the power cord in that cover and attract it to the adjacent wall with its adhesive.

Cord Covers for Power Recliners, how to hide power recliner cords

Hides Under a Rug:

Another cheap and effective solution for hiding recliner cords is using a carpet or a rug. Using a rug or carpet is an effective way to protect the cord from damage and become the reason for people’s tipping over.

If you have carpet, then use the carpet for cord covering; otherwise, you should get a rug, which will do the trick just fine.

Using Cable Clips to Hide the Recliner Cords:

Another best way to hide and organize your power recliner cords is to use cable clips. The cable can be easily attached to a wall or any furniture, which not only hides and protects your cords but also keeps them from tangling.

These power cord cable clips come in different sizes and shapes, so choose the one required.

Use Batteries:

Another best alternative to hide power recliner cords is to remove them. Using batteries will allow you to place the recliner anywhere in your room and remove the power cords altogether from your way.

All you have to do is connect the recliner to a battery and place the battery close to that recliner. Sometimes you don’t have to get a new battery because the recliner has its internal battery.

Covering with Tape:

Another unique but temporary way to hide your recliner cord is to cover them with adhesive tape. This possible way is effective, but as mentioned above, it is temporary, and you can only depend on it for a while.

While getting a Tape, you should choose the same color for your interior, which makes it less odd.

Placing Close to Power Outlet:

Another simple and easy way to hide the power cord is to place your power recliner close to the power outlet. This will remove any extra space in between the recliner, and there will be no visible cord.

Place the Power Recliner Close to the Power Outlet, how to hide power recliner cords

What else you can do is rearrange the recliner. By rearranging, I mean placing it along the wall or between furniture so its power cord automatically hides behind it or along the wall so it won’t bother anyone.

Check out the detailed guide on recliner battery backup here.

Using Cord Tubes:

A cord tube is also an effective and durable way to hide your power cords. It will protect the cords of your view and prevent them from getting damaged.

You can get this tube quickly in the market, but make sure the size and type are the same as you need.

Using Cord Tubes to Hide Power Cords, how to hide power recliner cords

Using Extension:

Hiding your power recliner cord using an extension is also helpful. An extension is an extra cord you need to connect to the power cord. Then you should rearrange the power cord between furniture and try hiding it.

Adding Extra Outlet:

If your living room has a tight space where you can’t move the recliner and all other methods fail to deliver, you should add another outlet near your power recliner. It’s an expensive way, but trust me, it’s worth it.

You should get a floor outlet if you have room on the floor. The process is complex, so you should get a professional electrician. If you are good with electrical stuff, you could also do it, but take proper precautions.

Using a Cord Box:

Using the card, wooden, or plastic box as a cord box is another safe way to hide your power cords. This way is cheap if you have cardboard, but if you don’t, then you should buy one.

The power cord box will keep your cords from tearing and wearing. While getting a cord box, you should get a matching color to your interior; otherwise, it will seem odd placed near your recliner.

Using Zip Ties:

Using zip ties for hiding power cords is another cheap and suitable way. The zip ties will keep your recliner cords out of your sight and also keep them safe.

You can get zip ties from anywhere in different types and styles. So choose the one you like.

Final Thoughts:

Hiding a power recliner cord is the solution to many possible problems, and it also makes your place neat. Different methods could hide power cords; some good ones are defined above. While hiding the power cord, you ensure it’s not hidden but well protected for the future.

I hope you understand the basic steps to hide your power recliner cords easily without any extra effort, but if you have any questions, ask them in the comment section.

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