Exploring the Different Types of Recliner Mechanisms:

types of recliner mechanism

If you are considering getting yourself a recliner, then understanding and knowing the different types of recliner mechanisms is much more important than you think. In the article below, we describe some of the basic recliner mechanisms.

Choosing a recliner is very hard because you must choose from the list of different mechanisms, each with its purpose. The market for recliners is getting concentrated because a new recliner with unique mechanisms and features is introduced each day, making choosing a recliner more difficult.

To choose your dream recliner, we first discover the world of recliner mechanisms, starting from normal reclining mechanisms and talking to power recliner mechanisms.

Along the way, we will also describe its types and unique features. Knowing the recliner mechanism is very important because you can only get 100% from it. 

After searching for hours on the internet, we came to a list of types of recliner chair mechanisms which are given below. So, let’s get to it without wasting any time.

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What is a Recliner Mechanism:

A recliner mechanism is a mechanical system that adjusts a recliner chair or sofa’s seats, backrest, and footrest. These mechanisms allow the users to relax in different seating positions.

There are different types of recliner mechanisms, each depending upon different recliner components. Some basic recliner components found in almost every recliner are given below.

what do you mean by recliner mechanism
Recliner Mechanism


The frame is the base or foundation of the structural support of a recliner. Older recliners used frames made from wood, but nowadays, they are made of metal.


As its name suggests, it provides proper support for users. The backrest of the recliner is adjustable and can be adjusted to different seating positions.


The footrest is a padded, extendable, elevated part of a recliner for your leg rest. It also can be managed from different angles to get maximum comfort.

Reclining Mechanisms:

A recliner contains different reclining mechanisms you should be familiar with if you invest in a recliner. Different mechanisms are found in a recliner, but a reclining mechanism involves those mechanisms responsible only for the recliner’s reclining.

Types of Reclining Mechanisms:

In the early days, the recliner only had one mechanism, like rocking. But with time passing, the recliner has advanced, and now it has more than one mechanism.

Knowing and understanding the reclining mechanism is very important to use it and how it is meant to be used. For that purpose, we defined some of the basic reclining mechanisms in the below article.

Lever Recliner Mechanism:

The lever recliner has one of the primary mechanisms: the lever mechanism. The lever of this recliner is either made from plastic or wood, which triggers the reclining mechanism by just pulling it. While reclining, the headrest and backrest go down, and the footrest is raised.

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Wall Hugger Recliner Mechanism:

These recliners are suitable for small spaces because they stick to the wall as clearly as their name. Suppose it sticks to the wall; you may ask how it reclines.

It has a unique sliding forward mechanism with a track that slides the leg rest and seat forward instead of backward. Just like that, it eliminates all the space behind it and along with its need. A recliner with this mechanism is suitable for small areas and rooms.

Rocker Recliner Mechanism:

If you are used to your old rocker chair but want some comfort, look no further than a recliner with a rocking mechanism. A recliner with a rocking mechanism lets the recliner go back and forth in an arc motion suitable for relaxing. You can activate rocking by the lever handle.

Swivel Recliner Mechanism:

A swivel recliner is just a normal recliner, but it has a round base, and the mechanism of that base lets you spin 360 degrees with or without reclining. The recliner is great in everything but takes more space than your regular recliner because it needs space to move 360 while it reclines.

Swivel Recliner Mechanism
Swivel Recliner

Glider Recliner Mechanism:

The glider recliner mechanism is the same as the rocking recliner, but instead of moving in an arc, it moves back and forth smoothly. The glider is very suitable for nurseries because its smooth motion is very comfortable for babies. Other than nurseries, you can use it for personal use if you love gliding motion.

Push Back Recliner Mechanism:

Push back recliner mechanism is the same as the wall hugger recliner but without a lever. In a push-back recliner, you have to put pressure on the back of your recliner, and as a result, your recliner will recline. 

push back recliner mechanism
Push Back Recliner

Pull Handle Recliner Mechanism:

This recliner is the same as a normal lever recliner but has a handle shaped like a door handle instead of a lever. It can be reclined easily and quickly from that handle, and you can adjust the backrest by putting a little pressure on it.

The handle is easy to operate and doesn’t require any extra force. The easy accessibility of the handle makes it a suitable choice for elders and people with disabilities.

Power Recliner Mechanisms

Power recliner is a broad term that contains different mechanisms. Most of the power recliner mechanism runs on power, so you must place it closer to the power outlet or connect it to a battery source. Some of its basic mechanisms are given below.

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Lift Recliner mechanism:

These recliners have lift mechanisms that lift your recliner seats for easy mobility. It lifts your seat to a standing position, making getting in and out easy for people with mobility issues. The recliner runs on power, so provide the required amount of power.

Massage Mechanism:

Nowadays, recliners are packed with unique functions and mechanisms that make them suitable for different situations. The massage mechanism in a recliner gives you a proper massage to relax after a hard, long day of work.

Advanced Power Recliner Mechanism:

A power recliner has been changed since its launch for the first time and has some amazing and unique features and mechanisms. Most of these mechanisms are advanced; you can’t even use them without reading the manual first. Some of these advanced power recliner mechanisms are given below.

Heating Mechanism:

The heating mechanism in the recliner is one of the unique mechanisms that make the recliner cozy and comfortable in winter. Recliners with heating mechanisms have heaters in their seats and backrests, which produce constant heat to keep the user warm.

Zero Gravity Mechanism:

Most of the latest recliners are now equipped with zero gravity mechanisms. What is zero gravity, you may ask; in the zero gravity recliners mechanism, you can recline with your feet elevated by lowering your position, which gives you an elevating position of zero gravity by simulating and giving the feeling of weightlessness.


Anyone getting a recliner should know the types of recliner mechanisms along with the functionality of its features Because you can’t use it to its full potential until you know it properly. The recliner mechanism depends upon the recliner type, which means the more advanced the recliner gets, the more unique the mechanism.

I hope you get what you are looking for, but if you have any questions, ask them in the comment section.


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