Are Recliners Bad for Your Knees? The Impact of Recliner on Knee Health

Are Recliners Bad for Your Knees

Are recliners bad for your knees, or is it because of your daily life routine? In this article, we will explore the recliner effects on the human body and its good usage for our daily life routine.

Recliner chairs are considered the most pleasant and enjoyable piece of furniture, especially when you get tired from a busy day. Obviously, the recliner is your only friend who can distress your body and provide cozy feelings. 

But on the other side, recliner chairs also have some negative effects on our body, especially on our knees, when misused. If you have the same problem and want to know the proper usage of a recliner chair without any discomfort, then read the overall article to get complete information about the recliner’s impact on our knees.

Note: It is very recommended to consult your Doctor first; some severe knee issues may require personalized guidance.

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Are Recliners Bad for Your Knees?

If someone is choosing the right furniture to get maximum comfort, I would recommend a recliner chair because of its many efficient features to make your life full of joy.

But I would divert your mind to its adverse effects on the human body, especially on the knees. This all is because of the wrong use of a recliner chair; you can get short knee pain while sitting in the wrong posture or sleeping in a recliner for long hours. This comprehensive guide will explain the relationship between a recliner chair and knee health.

Understanding the Knee Structure:

Can recliners cause knee pain, to get information about the impact of the recliner on knee health, it is essential to know first the autonomy structure of the knee joints.

The knee is the complete structure of complex joints, including ligaments, bones, and cartilage, that provide easy movement and allow you to bear heavy weight. This God-gifted complex structure of the knee makes your movement easy and maintains good knee health.

Are Recliners Bad for Your Knees, Structure of a Knee

Understanding the Mechanism of a Recliner Chair.

A recliner chair is a combination of some of the comfortable features, which provides three different reclining angles and some advanced facilities, including massage, vibrates, and a quick lift mechanism.

That is why recliner chairs affect the knee through each angle. The knees experience multiple changes and pressure distribution when using the different reclining angles. So it is crucial to understand the complete reclining mechanism to stop it from its possible impact on knee health.

Potential Factors for the Knee Discomfort:

Following are the potential factors that can impact your knee while sitting in a recliner chair:

  • Sitting in a recliner for long hours in the same position.
  • Sitting with the wrong position of the legs or feet.

So be aware of the above potential factors and avoid them to comfort your knee health.

Are Recliners Bad for Your Knees, Potential Factors for the Knee Discomfort while sitting in a recliner chair

Proper Knee Alignment:

Sitting in a recliner with proper knee alignment is essential to keep your knee safe from any injury. Maintain your knees in their natural position without excessive stress to decrease joint strain. So it is clear that proper sitting in a recliner and maintaining a correct knee alignment can decrease the chances of risk of any possible injury or discomfort.

Distribute the Overall Pressure. 

Pressure distribution is one of the significant factors which should be the first spot in your mind while sitting in a recliner. If your recliner pushes you down, or you feel extra pressure on your knee while sitting.

Then this may be the cause of the poor recliner cushion and support. So choose the recliner with proper cushion and maximum support to pamper your knees properly.

Give a touch of Ergonomic Support: 

Recliners with proper ergonomic support fit your whole body and provide better knee support. Ergonomic recliners have advanced features, such as good lumbar support to keep your back straight.

Furthermore, ergonomic recliners have an adjustable footrest, allowing you to adjust your feet in their best position and have a proper cushion to provide warm and smooth comfort to your body.

Be Aware of Deep Vein Thrombosis:

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition where blood clots form in more than one deep vein in the body, and there is more formation risk in the legs. Please do not take it lightly; it may be more dangerous in some situations. It happens when someone sits for a day or two in a recliner. So go for a short walk, have fun with your kids, and refresh your body.

Tips to Avoid Knee Injury While Sitting in a Recliner Chair:

  • Maintaining Proper Posture: Make sure to sit in a recliner with proper posture and avoid leg crossing or bending, which can block the blood clot and create knee pain.
  • Adjusting the Position: It is essential to change your sitting position continuously after some time to distribute the pressure to all body parts, not only on your knees.
  • Taking Regular Breaks: Regular breaks after a prolonged sitting can provide a sharp breath to your body parts. Go for a short walk outside the office or home, and stretch your body for a while. This would improve your blood flow and minimize joint strain.
  • Use the Leg Support: To utilize the leg rest or footrest of the recliner, you can provide maximum support to your lower body parts. 
  • Using Cushions or Pillows: To stop the direct pressure of the body on your knees, please use some cushions or pillows strategically to provide safety to your knees and legs.

Ending Points:

So it was all about the recliner’s impact on knee health, where we discussed all the potential factors of knee discomfort. In short, it is essential to avoid some of the bad habits while sitting in a recliner, which is sitting for long hours with crossing legs or using a recliner with no ergonomic support for your body.

Also, getting a short break and going for a walk is very important for better blood flow in your body. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section. You can also visit our website for related queries about the recliners.


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