The Manual Recliner Won’t Close: Tips to Close a Stuck Manual Recliner

Manual Recliner Won't Close

If your manual recliner won’t close, Or is your recliner stuck in an open position? In either of the cases, the issue of being unable to close a manual recliner is due to some significant reasons. If you want to resolve the issue of closing your manual recliner or fixing your recliner, then this article is for you. 

As the name says, a manual recliner is operated manually with the straightforward operating mechanism of using a lever. But sometimes, the recliner won’t close and is stuck in an open position. To resolve such an issue, the user must know how to overcome such a situation.  

Generally, the reclining mechanism works in two ways: first is to recline, second is to return to an upright position. To recline, the lever is pushed gently while leaning backwards, moving the backrest back, and the footrests will extend forward. To return to an upright position, the lever is pushed forward.

The issue that the manual recliner gets stuck between the two ways mentioned above is because of specific damage caused by the internal mechanism of the recliner.

This is a disruptive and frustrating issue for the user, leading them to dispose of the product and buy a new one. This article contains the steps below to fix the problem, so read the complete article before deciding. 

The Manual Recliner Won’t Close. Let’s Dive Inside:

There are many things to analyze to know the possible reasons that the manual recliner won’t close. Some of the reasons are mentioned below: 

Blockage in the Reclining Mechanism:

Sometimes, small objects and junk materials get stuck between the reclining, causing the recliner to be stuck in the open position. It’s recommended to properly vacuum and remove junk materials regularly. 

Disorganized Positioning:

The components of the manual recliner might shift to a disorganized position. This causes the manual recliner to deviate from its natural position. And the manual recliner would get stuck while closing it. This usually happens when the manual recliner is not serviced after a few months. 

Tuning Issues:

Sometimes, the springs in the chair get damaged, and the gears collapse; this causes the recliner to be stuck open. The reclining mechanism does not work correctly then.  

Lack of Greasing:

When the recliner is not greased, sometimes it causes friction in the reclining chair. Friction makes it difficult for reclining chairs to be closed properly, so you cannot close it properly. Greasing your manual recliner is essential to keep the recliner working smoothly. 

Deterioration of Recliner:

When the manual recliners are overused or have covered their estimated lifespan, they deteriorate, affecting their functionality. Usually, deterioration happens after a few years of use and has crossed its mentioned lifespan.

These are the five reasons a recliner won’t close, but they may vary since they depend on external and internal factors.  

How to Treat with the Stuck Recliner: 

Manual Recliner Won't Close

It would help to have a complete box of tool chests to fix a manual recliner that won’t close. The tool chest should consist of the following tools:

The treatment is divided into two parts: 

Part A: Treating Minor Issues:

Minor issues can be easily treated and are divided into simple steps. 

1. Turning the Recliner Seat: Turn the manual recliner seat over and check the screws inside.  

2. The screw Tightening: Check that each screw is tight and secure. 

3. Wrap the Recliner: Before repairing the chair, wrap the upholstery with a rag. This part protects the manual recliner from grease and lubricants. 

4. Lubricate: Lubricate all moving parts of the seat. If you don’t have oil to spray, use an old rag. 

5. Clean Correctly: Keep the footrest handle of the manual recliner in good condition by cleaning and lubricating it. In this way, corrosion can be avoided.  

6. Wipe the Recliner: Wipe up any remaining oil spills on the recliner with a clean towel. 

Part B: Treating Major Issues:

Major issues can be technical but can be treated and are divided into simple steps. 

1. Turn Your Manual Recliner: Turn the reclining chair sideways without the handle.  

2. Extend the Recliner footrest: Extend the manual recliner footrest with the handle. The stretching makes the hidden source visible. 

3. Check the Bar: Check the L-bar that rests on the spring for ragged edges.  

4. Extract: Once the ragged edges are found, carefully extract them very smoothly. 

5. Replace Springs: Change the footrest and deck springs. 

6. Grease the Reclining Mechanism: Grease the mechanism to facilitate movement. Use a cloth to absorb the oil. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Fix a Footrest that Won’t Lock? 

It is a common issue that the footrest won’t lock. To fix this issue, turn the recliner upside down and see where the springs are attached, then replace the spring with a new one, and the issue will be resolved quickly.  

Do Manual Recliners Last Longer than Electric Recliners? 

The electric recliner usually lasts longer than manual recliners. This is because of the automatic mechanism installed in electric recliners; thus, they go through less fatigue. 

How Do I Fix My Recliner Stuffing? 

Remove the old stuffing and replace it with new ones to fix the recliner stuffing. You can do it yourself or consult a professional for assistance. 


This was all about why the manual recliner won’t close and what are the reasons behind it, either because of blockage, lack of greasing, disorganization, or tuning issue. This article also includes the steps to fix the recliner, not closing, and treating minor or significant problems. 

There are many ways to fix the issue of recliners not closing, and this article includes all the steps to overcome the problem. 

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and for more queries, you can ask in the comment section.


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