Can a Recliner Fit in a Car? Recliner Transportation Tips for Your Car

Can a Recliner Fit in a Car

Starting a new adventure means stepping out of our comfort zones and exploring new things for home and comfort. But one question often comes to mind: Can a recliner fit in a car?

The answer is yes, but do you know how to fit a bulky recliner in a car? A recliner can fit in a vehicle according to the car’s and recliner’s dimensions. These two factors are essential to solve your issue. But there are more to cover your query. 

In this blog post, we have also covered factors to consider for fitting a recliner and some crucial tips for transporting your recliner safely. If you want to completely understand which car is essential to carry a recliner and which can easily fit, then let’s explore it individually. 

Factors to Consider While Fitting a Recliner: 

The possibility of fitting a recliner inside a car needs careful consideration of various critical factors mentioned below.

1- Recliner Dimensions: 

Recliners are expressed in diverse dimensions, ranging from compact designs to generously oversized models. The first essential and crucial step involves measuring the recliner’s height, width, depth, and protruding components like footrests before transportation. 

2- Car Interior Space: 

Different car models offer varying degrees of interior cargo space. Hatchbacks, SUVs, station wagons, and larger sedans generally present more rear room, making them better suited for accommodating sizable items. Accurate knowledge of your car’s trunk or cargo area measurements is essential compared to the recliner’s dimensions.

3- Folding Seat Functionality: 

Some vehicles feature rear seats that can be folded to extend the cargo area. This functionality can significantly enhance available space for transporting large items, such as recliners.

4- Loading and Securing Protocols: 

Even if a recliner technically fits within your car’s dimensions, careful attention to loading and securing is essential. Sufficient strapping prevents movement or shifting during transit, enhancing the recliner’s safety and the driver’s peace of mind.

Can a Recliner Fit in a Car? Examining Framework: 

The possibility of accommodating a recliner within a car lies between the specific recliner model and the vehicle’s internal space. Here are some scenarios to consider.

Can a Recliner Fit in a Car

1. Compact Recliner and Hatchback: 

When fitting a compact recliner in a car hatchback, success appears when the rear seats are folded down. The folded seats can increase your internal storage, even if you have a little large recliner. 

2. Oversized Recliner and SUV: 

Large SUVs provide expansive cargo spaces and hold the potential for accommodating oversized recliners. Yet again, the base lies in accurate measurements of the recliner and the SUV’s cargo area.

List of SUVs that can fit a recliner

●      Ford Expedition

●      Chevrolet Suburban

●      GMC Yukon XL

●      Nissan Armada

●      Lincoln Navigator L

●      Mercedes-Benz GLS

●      BMW X7

●      Audi Q7 or Q8

●      Volvo XC90

●      Land Rover Range Rover

The following chart refers to new 2023 SUVs.

SUVsRear HeadroomCargo Volume (Seats Folded)Cargo Volume (Behind Rear Seat)
Ford Expedition40.0 in            79.6 cu ft36 cu ft
Chevrolet Suburban42.30 in144.7 cu ft41.5 cu ft
GMC Yukon XL38.9 in 144.7 cu ft      42.3 cu ft
Nissan Armada40.0 in171.1 cu ft92.6 cu ft
Lincoln Navigator L38 in 103 cu ft         57.5 cu ft
Mercedes-Benz GLS39.4 in84.7 cu ft42.7 cu ft
BMW X741.9 in            90.4 cu ft48.6 cu ft
Audi Q7 or Q840.2 in60.7 cu ft30.5 cu ft
Volvo XC90    38.5 in85.7 cu ft41.8 cu ft
Land Rover Range Rover39.0 in92.8 cu ft31.9 cu ft

3. Station Wagons and Vans: 

Station wagons and vans often have more extensive cargo spaces, making them potential candidates for transporting recliners. If you have access to one of these vehicles, your chances of success can increase.

Expert Tips for Safe Transport: 

If you will transport a recliner in your car, here are some tips to ensure a safe and successful journey.

1. Measure Carefully: Accurate measurements are your best friend. Ensure you know the recliner’s dimensions and your car’s cargo area.

2. Secure Properly: Use sturdy ropes, bungee cords, or cargo straps to secure the recliner and prevent it from moving during transit.

3. Protect the Interior: Use blankets, towels, or other protective materials to prevent the recliner from damaging the car’s interior.

4. Visibility and Safety: Ensure the recliner doesn’t obstruct your driving visibility. Additionally, check local laws and regulations regarding transporting large items.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Space Do You Need for a Recliner?

It all depends on the dimensions of the recliner, but if we take the average, you will need at least 40 to 45 inches wide space to accommodate your recliner. For oversized recliners, you will need at least 50 inches wide area.

Do Recliners Come in Different Seat Heights?

Yes, recliners come in different seat heights because people have different sizes. To overcome this variation in humans, manufacturers made various seat height recliners. 

Final Thoughts: 

Carrying a recliner within a car might be challenging, but you can make it easy under the right conditions. Your correct decision at the right time can solve your question about whether I can fit a recliner in a car.

Now, it’s time to compare the measurement of your recliner with the available cargo space. You do not need the help of others because you can now do it by yourself. 

Make sure the perfect and proper measurement can increase your work time and safety. If you face problems fitting a recliner in a car, you can contact us through our website.

We will reach you as soon as possible. Yah! You can also find recliner-related topics on our website. Thank you for spending time with us; we always care for our readers. 


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