Different Types of Recliner Handles? Exploring the Various Types of Recliner Handles

types of recliner chair handles

Like other furniture, recliners also face damage because of their prolonged usage, especially their handles. And to replace it with a new handle, you should know different types of Recliner handles to get the best one.

A recliner is one of the most valuable pieces of furniture, which is why they also face damage, especially their handles. The handles of the Recliner either stop working or are unable to work.

To fix your recliner handle, you need to know which handle is best in these different types of recliner handles. After that, you can fix it if you know how to use basic repairing stuff.

Our expert team provides you with a detailed guide about Recliner handles through which you can choose the suitable one. So let’s dive into it.

Before going to brief explanations of the article, please read the working mechanism of a recliner and the types of recliner mechanisms in the linked text.

What is a Recliner Handle?

The handle of the recliner is a type of mechanism used to adjust the recliner at different positions, in short, provides the required angle for maximum comfort. These types of handles are mainly located at the side of the recliners, so one can easily operate them.

The recliner’s handles comes in different sizes and shapes even these handles are different in functionality. Some are used to pull and perform its functionality, others are used to move up and down and change the recliner angle. Below, we are going to explain each and every type of recliner handle with complete descriptions.

Types of Recliner Handles:

You can choose from three types of recliner chair handles available in the market. It includes Lever, D-ring, and Flapper. All these Handles are different from one another while doing the same job.

We describe everything so you can choose the one you need and like.

D-Ring or D-Shape Recliner Handle:

d-ring recliner handle

If you want a comfortable experience in your Recliner, then the D-ring recliner handle is just the thing for you. This handle is in the shape of the letter ‘D,’ Which is why it is called a D-ring. It has unique functionality with a candle at the end, allowing you to adjust your recline level.

The D-ring is also called a parachute-style handle because it has parachute-style functionality.

The D-ring recliner handle is strong, durable, and can withstand for a long time. It’s not only easy to operate but also easy to replace and install. You don’t need any expert to install it into your Recliner, and you can do it yourself.

Flapper Recliner Handles:

Flapper recliner handle
Flapper Recliner Handle

The flapper handle is also one of the most usable handles. Using a flapper is slightly different from the D ring and other handles. These handles are fitted inside a recliner and are less noticeable than other counterparts.

The use of these flappers is easy. All you have to do is pull out using your fingers, and your Recliner will recline just like the tank of a car opening. Their recliner handles are slightly more expensive than d-ring recliner handles.

The Lever Handles:

Lever recliner handle
Lever Recliner Handle

The Lever style handles are one of a recliner’s most essential and most used handles. It is made of basic materials, including plastic, wood, and metal. The lever handle is easily adjustable, so pull it and the Recliner to your required position.

The Recliner with lever handle is easy to use; grab and pull the Lever, and your Recliner will be reclined to your maximum comfort. And putting back the Recliner in your just required a push from that Lever.

The lever recliner handle is durable and less expected to break because of its solid materials. The lever handle is less expensive than other recliner handles, and it’s also easy to replace, and you can do it yourself whenever you need it.

Can you Replace Recliner Handles:

You can replace the recliner handle without calling a repair guy. The process is easy, and you must remove the old handle and replace it with a new one. But before attempting anything, just read the instructions first.

What is a Lever Recliner?

The Lever handle is the most common and oldest recliner handle. These recliners are mostly wood and have a lever pulling it well, reclining the chair that brings the footrest up and headrest down.

How Do You Replace a Lazy Boy Recliner Handle?

Well, for that, you have to recline your lazy boy recliner by flipping the Lever. Then you will see a screw on the other side of that Lever. Now remove the screw, replace the handle, and then secure it again with that screw.

Final Thoughts:

Several types of recliner handles are available in the market, each with a different purpose and usage. They are different from one another in their use, functionality, and also in their cost.

I hope you know about different types of recliner handles, but if you have anything in mind, as in the comment section.



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