How to Fix a Recliner Footrest? Quick and Effective Recliner Footrest Fixes

How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

A recliner footrest is a great tool for resting and making yourself more comfortable. You can enjoy yourself on a recliner while doing any activity. Most of the time, fixing a recliner footrest can become a real issue when it falls out.

Are you looking for a trending topic: how to fix a recliner footrest? Don’t worry, as this is one of the most common issues owners face, and with the proper procedure, you can fix your recliner footrest. 

Reclining footrests are best known for providing better comfortability and coziness while sitting or lying down on them. But with the heavy use over time, the recliner footrest falls out, resulting in the issue of not operating correctly.

When you imagine changing your recliner or getting a new one for yourself, consider fixing the footrest. This article will take you through a complete guide for fixing and returning your missing coziness.  

How to Fix a Recliner Footrest? Let’s Dive Inside:

A few supplies are required to fix your recliner’s footrest. Those are the following:  

  1. Flathead screwdrivers with a high level of precision 
  2. An extendable wrench, a connector sculptor  
  3. Subtle pliers, ready for use. The Agility Tonic: lubricant spray or custom grease   
  4. A cleaning fabric tapestry   
  5. Hand protection by safety gloves.  

The procedure is divided into a few steps, as mentioned:   

Step 1: Recliner Footrest Spring Replacement  

The procedure of fixing your recliner footrest starts with turning your recliner over. It would be best to turn the recliner so the reclining mechanism is easily viewable.

Then search for the screws that have either gotten weaker or absent over time, as this is the primary reason behind the falling out of footrest reclining. After this, you should replace the screws that got weak and fix them.

When all the weakened or absent screws are fixed, place the recliner back in its position. In most falling-out issues of recliner footrests, this is the primary cause. 

Step 2: To Fix the Drooping and Bending of the Footrest   

Once the screw issue is resolved and the recliner footrest still not bending correctly, you should move on to this step. In this step, you must look for the component keeping the recliner footrest in place.

But to find this component, you should remove all the screws and springs attached. Then you should change the bar that is attached to it. Over time, the bar attached becomes greasy and doesn’t move properly.

At the end, when the bar is changed, put back all the screws and springs as they were before. This step fixed up the not-bending part of your recliner footrest. 

Step 3: Grease and Lubricate the Joints  

In this step, you must grease and lubricate the suspension of your recliner’s footrest. Just like in previous steps, you will need to detach all the screws and springs attached.

Now, you must put on greasing and lubricate the joints on suspension. Once adequately greased and lubricated, the joints align and reattach the screws and springs as they were before. This way, your recliner footrest will bend smoothly. 

Step 4: Tighten the Recliner Footrest  

In this step, you must thoroughly analyze all the weakened screws and springs in your recliner footrest. You will need to turn your chair over and look for screws and springs in the internal space of the recliner.

Then you must tighten each screw and fix all the weakened springs with your wrench. Most of the time, joints also weaken over time, so it’s essential to tighten it up. 

Step 5: To Fix the Recliner Leaning on One Side  

In this step, you will learn to fix the recliner footrest when it is leaning on one side. This is due to the heavy load on the leg rest. But you can quickly resolve this issue by turning your recliner over and looking into its mechanism, and if the problem is due to soft fittings, you can quickly solve it by tightening them. After stiffening, the footrest should be flat. 

Reasons Why the Recliner Footrest Won’t Close 

There are many reasons that a recliner footrest won’t close, but I have mentioned a few of them for you to get an idea as they are following: 

How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

1. A Blockage in the Path  

A blockage in the footrest is the common cause of the recliner footrest not closing.  

You can look beneath the footrest for any possible broken particles or cables that may be causing the issue.  

2. Misalignment of Components  

The misalignment of components means that the components carrying the reclining mechanism are out of place, so the footrest doesn’t shut properly. 

3. Damage in the Supporting Frame of the Recliner 

Sometimes, the supporting frame of the recliner catches stains and falls out. This can be a leading reason behind your footrest not working. In this case, you should get help from a professional to fix the frame of your recliner


This was all about fixing a recliner footrest. This article carries all the steps in the best possible way to treat your recliner’s footrest, from fixing the weak screws to solving the issue of the footrest leaning on one side.  

These steps are extracted from the most accurate results, and this article also carries the significant reasons behind the malfunctioning of the footrest. I hope you have enjoyed the information in this article, and for more queries, you can ask in the comments below.  


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