How to Adapt Recliner for Right Arm Surgery?

How to Adapt Recliner for Right Arm Surgery

Are you undergoing underarm surgery? It can be challenging, and you must wonder how to adapt recliner for right arm surgery. Finding a comfortable and supportive place in these critical situations is essential.

Recliner is the ideal solution for many individuals providing ultimate comfort during recovery. You need to follow several considerations involved in the accommodations of right arm surgery.

Whether you want to assist your loved ones or yourself in the recovery journey, a recliner is the best option. Still, it would help to customize it according to your choice for optimum relaxation.

If you are a non-serious person, you can make the minor adjustment to adapt to right arm surgery; otherwise, for more critical issues, it’s essential to make an advance adjustment that offers better relaxation.

Let’s dive into the adaptations and journey and how a recliner helped in the surgery recovery process.

How to Adapt Recliner for Right Arm Surgery

The recovery process from the right arm surgery required a proper setup that allows maximum support and comfort. Here are some tips and suggestions that help recover from the right arm surgery.

  • Choose the Right Recliner: It’s important to select the right recliner with unique recovery features. Going for a recliner with lumbar support and adjustable positions would be better. The right recliner will help you to recover soon from any accidents.
  • Add Pillows and Cushions: Add soft, comfortable pillow cushions to support the arm during recovery. You can place a comfortable pillow under the right arm for additional support. You don’t need to add extra things if your recliner has soft and comfortable arms.
  • Use a Sling or Arm Support: You can use the sling or arm support immobilized during recovery. You can speak with a Doctor or right arm surgery specialist about the arm support. Make sure to adjust the arm support properly for supreme comfort.
  • Arrange the Recliner Position: Arrange the recliner to your favorite position that takes comfort to the next level. A semi-reclined position is the better option which will also support your head and neck.
  • Create a Convenient Side Table: Many people ignore it, but adding a convenient side table near your recliner is best. It will help you to keep essential items such as water, medicine, phone, and other accessories. You can skip this step if you have an advanced recliner with hidden storage and cup holders.
  • Maintain Proper Posture: It’s essential to maintain the proper posture. It helps a lot during the recovery process. It will not put any strain on your body during the recovery period.
  • Monitor Comfort and Healing: Keep an eye on the right arm surgery recovery and healing process. Adjust the recliner so you think it provides all of its comfort.

Additional Steps For Right Arm Surgery Recovery

Here are some additional steps you should try for supreme comfort and support.

How to Adapt Recliner for Right Arm Surgery

Adjust The Seat Height

You can adjust the seat height according to your height. Sitting in a recliner too high or low may lead to discomfort, so make sure to adjust the recliner height to provide comfort.

Find out the recliner seat height adjusting mechanism. According to your recliner models, there might be a level mechanism in a recliner or remote control adjustment.

Use Separate Ottoman

If your recliner has no extended footrest, use a separate ottoman to extend your legs to help you sit and sleep more comfortably. It provides good support to your feet and legs.

You can adjust the height of the separated ottoman, which helps easy to get in/out from the recliner chair. If you are going for a separate ottoman, you can skip the side table and keep your items on the ottoman.

Recliner Lever Modifications

If your recliner has a handle or lever mechanism for adjustments, it is difficult to operate it as a patient with right arm surgery. Sometimes if you have an older recliner, it may require more force on the lever to adjust.

In this situation, you can modify the recliner level with the PVC pipe to make the lever soft and make it more easily accessible. Make sure to tighten the PVC pipe properly so it will not move during use.

Add a Slip Resistant Materials

You can add slip-resistant materials in the front of the recliner, which prevents slippage. If you have a recliner with a slipped-resistant bottom, you don’t need to add extra protection.

During recovery, falling from the recliner can lead to a bad injury. If you keep yourself protected from every angle on the recliner, there is more chance of recovering soon from the right arm surgery.

Frequently Ask Questions:

How do you Sleep in a Recliner After Right Arm Surgery?

Sleeping in a recliner after shoulder surgery is important to give good support to your neck and head with a soft and comfortable pillow. You can add an extra padding and cushioning layer to your recliner’s right arm for maximum protection.

Can I Adjust the Recliner by Myself after Right Arm Surgery?

Yes, you can adjust the recliner itself with nonaffected arms. Don’t utilize the affected arms during adjusting because it may lead to serious injury. If you find it challenging, you can ask for help to adjust the recliner according to your needs.

How Should I Position My Recliner after Right Arm Surgery?

It’s recommended to position your recliner straight back and comfortably supported. Elevate the affected arms on the recliner arms and extend your legs on the extendable footrest or separate ottoman.

Final Verdict

You may know now how to adapt a recliner for right arm surgery for a quick recovery. Recliners are the best option for the right arm recovery process as they add more comfort to your back and arms.

You can use the recliner without modifications for right arm surgery, but if you want ultimate comfort for all your body parts, it’s important to modify it.

You can do simple modifications to your recliners, such as adding pillows, cushioning, adjusting the recliner height, adjusting the seat, adjusting the lever mechanism, and much more for supreme comfort.


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