Why are Recliners so Expensive? Is Your Recliner Worth the Splurge?

Why are Recliners so Expensive

If you are interested in purchasing a recliner chair, its price may vary from $200-4000$. Most customers need clarification about the cost of the recliner chair and are still searching on the internet: why are recliners so expensive? So there might be different reasons recliners are very costly.

Recliners have been known for their comfort all over the world. It’s the perfect spot to relax, nap, watch movies, read books, and much more. This exceptional level of comfort is only possible with a significant price tag.

Recliners are more complex than regular chairs, and one of the main reasons they are expensive is their engineered features and design. The recliner mechanism allows you a smooth reclining mechanism and adjustment settings.

If we talk about the lazy boy recliners, it’s the most expensive, but when you use them, you will not regret the money due to their features and functionalities.

The recliners offer the most advanced features, providing optimum comfort after a fatigue day. Let’s dive into the reality of why recliners are so expensive, but still, most people love to purchase them even if it’s costly.

Why Are Recliners So Expensive?

The recliners are so expensive due to several factors.

  • Design and Features: The recliners come in different designs providing the ultimate comfort for individuals. It has advanced features that enhance comfort, such as massage features, multiple reclining angles, lumbar support, a headrest, a heating system, built-in cup holders, and other technologies. All these features contribute to the overall cost of the recliner.
  • Materials: There are different types of materials recliners made from, which impact on the price of the recliner. It might be more costly if you want to purchase a recliner with fabric or leather upholstery. The frame materials of the recliners are made from hardwood or metal, which adds to the overall expense.
  • Construction: The recliner constructions are very strong, requiring skilled craftsmanship, leading to high costs. Solid construction recliners last longer with better performance, increasing the recliners’ cost.
  • Comfort and Support: The recliners provide supreme comfort during sitting and sleeping longer. To achieve the utmost comfort, the manufacturers use high-quality memory-density foam, maximising the recliner’s cost.
  • Frame: The recliner has a strong frame that accommodates the overall mechanism. The frame is responsible for weight accommodations. If the recliner frame is made from heavy-duty materials, it will accommodate up to 500 lbs.
  • Electric Motor: A recliner with electric motor functionality is more costly because it helps older people to get in/out quickly with a button click. The electric motor provides smooth and reliable functionality without any annoying noise. Some recliners have a dual power motor, allowing you to adjust the recliner from the remote control.
  • Cushions & Padding: The soft, comfortable cushions and thick padding contribute to the overall comfort of the recliner. You can use a custom cushion on the recliner for additional support.

Additional Features Why Recliners Are So Costly

It’s not enough. There are some other features in the recliner that increase its cost.

Power Recliner & Gliding Functionality

Why are Recliners so Expensive
Power Recliner

The power recliner will allow you to adjust any features with a touch of a button. It helps you to smooth movements without any effort.

The gliding functionality in the recliner allows for a gentle rocking motion. These features have a big impact on the price of the recliner.

If you want to purchase a manual recliner, it might be less costly than a power recliner.

Massage & Heating Systems

The massage function will deliver the massage to the specific area according to your needs. You can program the recliner to offer various massages such as the knee, body, Shiatsu, tapping, and more.

The built-in heating system in the recliner is mostly used for lumbar support providing good support to the lumbar region. When you activate the heating system, it will help relieve pain and enhance the overall comfort level.

Battery Backup

I love its battery backup systems because sometimes when you are out of electricity, you can run the electric recliner on the battery available in the recliner. It’s another reason why recliners are so costly.


Different types of upholstery materials include fabric, polyurethane, leather, etc. All of these have their benefits, but now it depends on you if you want to purchase the recliner with which upholstery will increase the cost of the recliner according to the upholstery materials.

Frequently Ask Questions

Are all recliners expensive, or are there budget-friendly options available?

All recliners are not expensive. Of course, budget-friendly options are available for people with a low budget. The price of the recliner depends on the materials, design, and brands. The budget-friendly recliners are available on the market but may not have the advanced features you might be looking for.

Is it worth investing in an expensive recliner over a more affordable option?

Investing in an expensive recliner depends on individual preferences and needs. If you invest money in an expensive recliner, it will come with the most advanced features, providing a better seating experience. An affordable option will also provide optimum comfort with limited functionalities.

What impact does the brand name have on the price of a recliner?

Brand names have a significant impact on the price of the recliner. If we talk about the Lazy Boy recliner brand, they have expensive recliners but provide exceptional comfort.

The well-known brand used high-quality materials in the recliners. As a result, a brand-name recliner comes with a higher price compared to the lesser-known brands.

Final Verdict

Why are recliners so expensive? After reading the whole article, I hope you understand why it’s much more costly than a regular chair and bed.

The recliners offer advanced features such as power reclining mechanics, massage, heating, gliding, 360-degree movements, headrest, extended footrest, and other premium features that impact the cost of the recliner.

Purchasing an expensive recliner will provide superior comfort and features. Do you have a smaller budget? Don’t worry. There are budget-friendly options to enhance the comfort level while sitting and sleeping.

Which recliners do you have right now? And How it’s worth & what its features are? Let’s compare each other’s recliner prices so our readers know their average costs.


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