How To Fix Squeaky Recliner? Quick and Easy Fixes

fix your squeaky recliner

If you have a squeaky recliner, it may disturb your relaxation time, creating awkward distractions. It usually happens when your recliner becomes old, so you may hear a squeaky sound which causes a disturbance. So it’s essential to know how to fix squeaky recliner.

The process is simple and easy. You can do it at home by just following our instructions. First, you should identify the noise from where it is coming. Restoring your noisy recliner to a quiet and relaxed state is possible.

If you use the recliner daily, there is more chance it will start making noisy sounds, wear and tear, and other common issues. Sometimes we don’t know about the recliner joints that are loose or tight, which leads to a squeaky sound.

One of my friend’s recliners faced the same squeakiness error, but they later purchased a new recliner, which may be quite expensive for you. Please don’t make the same mistake as my friend.

We will discuss the simple process to help you fix your squeaky recliner using different methods. Don’t worry about your squeaky recliner. Let’s dive into why your recliner becomes squeaky and how you can fix it at home.

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How To Fix Squeaky Recliner?

To fix your squeaky recliner, follow the below instructions.

  • Identify the Source of the Squeak: First, sit in the recliner and determine the problem from where the noise is coming. It may be a frame, spring, or other mechanism.
  • Access Mechanism Beneath Leave the recliner in the reclined position and turn it over to allow you to access the mechanism beneath easily.
  • Remove Covering: Remove the detachable coverings from the bottom part of the recliner. You can remove the covering by hand; some may need a screw.
  • Tighten Loose Screws: Check all the screws and bolts in your recliner and tighten them perfectly. The bolts become loosened over time which contributes to the squeaking. You can use the screw to tighten the loosened bolts.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts: Apply lubricants to the moving parts of the recliner. It may be different parts, such as pivot points, springs, frames, hinges, and other parts, rubbing against each other. You can use silicone-based lubricants. It will work perfectly. Avoid oil-based lubricants, which may cause dirt and other problems.
  • Use a Squeak-Reducing Product: Different products are available on the market that helps to eliminate squeaks. It comes in lubricant properties and spray form.
  • Add Padding or Felt Pads: If your recliner is squeaking against the floor, adding felt pads or padding at the base would be better. It will help you to reduce friction and minimize squeaky noisy sounds.
  • Inspect and Replace Worn-Out Parts: If the squeaking issue persists, inspect the recliner more closely. Look for the damaged part; if you notice some parts damaged, replace them. 

If your problem still doesn’t persist, contact the manufacturer or call a professional to fix the noisy sound issue.

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Why Do Recliners Make Squeaking Noises:

Fix the Squeaky Recliner

There are several reasons why your recliners make squeaking noises.

  • Loose Screws or Bolts: The screw and bolts hold the recliner together, but if it’s loosened, it may lead to a squeaky sound. When you sit in the recliner chair, the loose hardware can cause squeaky noise.
  • Worn-Out Springs: The recliners have springs responsible for the reclining mechanism. The spring sometimes wears out or loses the tension over time. When it becomes worn so it may produce a squeaky sound.
  • Lack of Lubrication: The moving parts of the recliners need lubricants for smooth operations. Without proper lubricants, it may lead to a squeaky noise.
  • Metal-on-Metal Contact: Sometimes, the metal recliners come in contact directly. The friction between the metal surfaces and the lack of lubricants can lead to squeaky cracks.
  • Upholstery Friction: The upholstery fabric sometimes generates a squeaky noise when you sit in the recliner.
  • Age and Wear: The recliners may wear and tear over time when using them for a few years. The parts may loosen, or some mechanism problems contribute to the squeaky sound.

How to Prevent Squeaking in Recliner Chairs:

To prevent squeaking in recliner chairs and maintain smooth operations, you must follow the preventive measures below.

  • Regular Maintenance: Make sure to maintain your recliner properly and keep it in excellent condition. You need to inspect the entire recliner and its parts. If something is going wrong, try to correct it. Tight the bolts and inspect the moving parts to prevent squeaking.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts: Apply the lubricants to the moving parts of the recliner. It will help to minimize the noisy sound.
  • Avoid Excessive Weight: Make sure to avoid excessive weight on the recliner. If you are heavy, use a heavy-duty recliner to accommodate your weight. If you don’t have a heavy-duty recliner, excessive weight may strain the components, such as the spring, frame, and entire seat.
  • Place the Recliner on a Flat Surface: Make sure that you have placed the recliner on a stable level surface. The sloping or uneven floor can lead to squeaking issues.
  • Clean and Vacuum Regularly: Clean your recliner daily to minimize friction and squeaking. You can clean the recliner using a vacuum or any soft brush.
  • Avoid Sharp Movements: Don’t ignore this, and avoid jerky movements while operating the recliner. Put less stress on the recliner while sitting to reduce the squeaky sound.

Final Thoughts

You may know how to fix a squeaky recliner; it’s not complicated. You can restore your recliner itself to a peaceful state at home.

We don’t know why your recliner is generating a squeaky sound, but we have mentioned different reasons why your recliners are squeaking and how to fix it.

If you try our steps to fix the squeaky recliner so your recliners will last longer, there will be less chance of squeaky noise.

Why is your recliner generating a squeaky sound, and how did you fix it? Let us know in the comments section if it will help our readers.


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