What is a Rocker Recliner? Sit, Rock, Recline – Types and Features:

rocker recliner guide
rocker recliner guide

Do you have the same question as I was? What is a rocker recliner? I also heard the word “rocker” in a recliner shop when someone asked the recliner seller! Is there any rocker recliner there?

It was a slight jerk to my mind when I heard from the seller that there is a power lift recliner that rocks. I just came to the office and searched throughout the internet about rocker recliners and their uses. I was shocked that there are tons of multiple types of rocker recliners that serve the clients accordingly.

That was the reason why I prepared my mind to search and gather all the information related to rocker recliners and how they work. So here, you will get all the related information about rocker recliners, their uses, types, and working procedures.

Now, quickly scroll down to get all the information about rocker recliners in a few minutes.

What is a Rocker Recliner, and How Does it Work?

As the name suggests, “Rocker Recliner” is a specific type of recliner chair that moves back and forth while reclining and is controlled by a lever or a handle at the side of the recliner.

Generally, a regular recliner reclines back easily and has a footrest to extract your whole body. Still, the rocker recliner has an extra rocking feature, which means you can enjoy the reclining and rocking facility simultaneously.

The rocker recliner was introduced to facilitate people with an extra rocking feature to provide more relaxation to the body, especially for hard-working people and the elderly.

how does a rocker recliner work
Rocker Recliner

Primary Thinking Behind the Rocker Recliner:

When a regular recliner was introduced, the primary purpose was to fulfill the requirements of users who want to relax in a soft and comfortable chair that can recline up to 180 degrees.

But with time, the demands of the people changed; they were looking for a recliner that would fulfill their needs of rocking to relax their body as well as mind in one package of a recliner chair.

That is why the big company owners of the recliner chair added the extra feature of rocking in a recliner to provide both the facility of rocking and reclining in one package.

Main Features of a Rocker Recliner:

The Rocking Motion:

The rocker recliners have a built-in rocking facility that provides smooth and quiet motion while moving back and forth. You can test the rocking motion while setting the recliner upright position. Remember, this rocking movement was added to the recliner to destress the human body and provide more relaxation to the human mind.

Multiple Reclining Position: 

The rocker recliner moves back and forth and serves people with multiple reclining positions from 90 to 180 degrees to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. 

Dual Functionality: 

The traditional rocking chairs provide back-and-forth motion, and a recliner provides multiple reclining angles for maximum comfort. But here, a rocker recliner combines both features to provide quiet back-and-forth motion with a smooth reclining, making it a perfect choice for the user. 

Different Material Options:

The rocker recliners come with different material options, in which pure leather is the top choice, then fabric and polyurethane fulfill the user’s requirements.

What are the Different Types of Rocker Recliners?

Multiple rocker recliners with different reclining and rocking features are available. But two types of rocker recliners are common in the market: manual and power. Worry not; here, I will also discuss other types of rocker recliners you would love to read about.

Traditional Rocker Recliner:

This is the first and classic design of the rocker recliner, which serves its users at the front. Traditional Rocker Recliners have both back-and-forth and reclining movements at one time. These recliners are famous for their comfort and simple look.

Swivel Rocker Recliner:

With a smooth rocking feature, this type of rocker recliner also has a built-in swivel mechanism. The swivel rocker recliner can provide you full access to the items in your surroundings. You must provide a little force to the swivel base, and you will move around smoothly. Thus, you can enjoy the rocking feature of the recliner as well, and you can move around 360 degrees quickly.

Power Rocker Recliner:

The power rocker recliners are the type of rocker recliners that require electricity while using them. The manual recliners require human effort, but the power rocker recliner can be controlled through a power button without any extra effort.

Power Lift Rocker Recliner:

The power lift rocker recliners are designed for older people or those with mobility issues. This type of recliner has a power lift mechanism that lifts the human body without effort. The recliner also has rocking and reclining features.

Advantages of a Rocker Recliner:

Provide Maximum Comfort and Relaxation:

As it is clear from the above article, the rocker recliner combines traditional rocking chairs and a regular recliner to provide both rocking and reclining simultaneously. That is why people love to have a rocker recliner in their living room to comfort their body after a hard working day and relax their mind.

Nursing and Soothing:

A rocker recliner is more important in a baby nursery than a regular recliner because the rocking recliner’s continuous back-and-forth movement helps in the baby’s development. It can also provide a more accurate position for the mother to feed the baby while sitting in it.

Ergonomic Support: 

In today’s world, the back pain problem is growing day by day because of our daily routine busy schedule. That is why many rocker recliners come with a built-in ergonomic structure with comfortable cushions and lumbar support, supporting the back and providing maximum comfort to the human body.

Fight with Depression and Anxiety:

Everyone is going through significant life changes like financial problems, failing exams, or breaking up with a beloved friend, which can make one feel depressed or anxious. The rocker recliner is your only friend who can provide calm and comforting feelings to your mind through its rocking movement to make you feel happy and relaxed.

Rocker Recliners vs. Traditional Recliners: Which One Wins?

As I mentioned in the above paragraphs, in the first era of the recliners, the concept behind comfort was to build a soft and comfortable chair that provides multiple reclining angles at a time. That is why the recliners at that time served the audience with limited features. But they were enough at that time. The Rocker recliner was introduced with rocking and reclining features to provide extra facility to relax the human body and mind simultaneously.

Still, some advanced features like massage, vibration, power lift, and reclining are built into both recliners. 

In short, the traditional recliners are the ones that recline, and the rocker recliner can provide both rocking and reclining simultaneously.

Now it depends on you; if you really like the rocking motion in your recliner, then a rocker recliner will suit you; otherwise, a traditional recliner can fulfill all your needs. 


Ahh…It was an excellent task, where I discussed every point of the Rocker recliner and how it works. In short, a rocker recliner combines a traditional rocking chair and a regular recliner to provide back-and-forth movement with multiple reclining positions.

I also touch each rocker recliner type to clarify your sense. Remember that a power rocker recliner has many essential advanced features but may be a burden on your pocket. That is why many people suggest traditional rocker recliners or swivel rocker recliners for better relaxation. 


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