How Much Power Does an Electric Recliner Use? Unraveling the Energy Consumption of Electric Recliners

How Much Power Does an Electric Recliner Use

If you have been using a recliner for quite a long time and don’t know how much power does an electric recliner use, then you are in the right spot because we have a complete guide on the power consumption of the recliner chair.

There are different answers to this question because there are various models of electric recliners in the market, and everyone uses a different amount of energy. Many other things affect the power consumption of electric recliners.

Do electric recliners use a lot of electricity? According to our power recliner expert, a primary and typical electric recliner can use about 15W of energy when it’s powered on but not doing any movement. At the same time, it can use up to 60W of energy when it’s in action. The activities include reclining, lifting, swivel, etc.

The power consumption of electric recliners can be dependent on different factors. Our expert team has given proper guidance about the electric recliner power consumption, the essential power consumption factors, and what you can do to save energy. So, Stay with us to learn more about recliner power consumption in detail.

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How Much Power Does an Electric Recliner Use:

How many watts does a power recliner use? Typically, a power recliner can use about 10 to 15 watts of energy when it’s in a standby position, which means it’s just turned on but doesn’t move. At the same time, it can use up to 60W of energy when it’s in motion, which means reclining, lifting, rocking, etc., and other features like massage, heat function, etc.

The amount of power consumption is not fixed, and it can vary depending on usage, weight, motor, duration, etc.

It also depends upon the type of recliner, which means the more features and advanced recliner you get, the more power it can use.

You can also reduce its power usage by following some power-saving tips like turning it off when unused. Limit your seating positions etc. Below are the Energy-saving tips that would allow you to control your power recliner energy expenses.

Recliner Energy Consumption Factors:

Regardless of the recliner type, there are some essential factors in a recliner that can affect the overall power consumption of the recliner. Our expert team gathers some of the primary factors that can be essential to your recliner power consumption.

Recliner Motor Type:

The first thing on our list is its electric motor. The electric motor of the recliner is one of the main factors that affect your power consumption. The more effective, the less power it will use.

So whenever you get a recliner, ensure it has an effective motor. Or, if you want a motor for the recliner, get a new motor with a solid rating.

Power Recliner Usage:

Well, this one is obvious, and you probably already know. It’s simple: the more frequently you use a power recliner, the more power it will consume.

If you use a recliner for about 2 to 3 hours a day, then it’s normal, and you don’t have to worry about it, but if you use it up to 8 or 9 hours a day, then it’s alarming. If you are using an electric recliner chair recklessly, it will increase power consumption and affect your health.

Size and Weight of the Recliner:

The size and weight of the power recliner have a massive impact on the power consumption of the recliner. Both size and weight have a share in high power usage.

The size of the recliner has a direct and visible impact on recliner power usage. The bigger the recliner, the more power it will consume. Let me explain. The bigger the size, the bigger the motor and other internal stuff, and the more energy consumed.

Weight also plays an essential role in overall power consumption. Let me explain: The heavier the recliner, the more power it will need to use the lift, reclining, rocking feature, etc.

how much power does an electric recliner consume according to its size and weight

Recliner Advance Features:

Today a recliner has more than just reclining but many advanced features, some of which you only need some of the time. The more features a recliner has, the more power it will consume.

Recliner Power Consumption Tips :

As we discussed, the recliner can use much power due to some essential factors, but it doesn’t mean you can’t control it. There are some essential tips and tricks that you can follow to save power consumption in your recliner.

Note: if you want to add power to your manual recliner, read our guide by clicking the linked text.

Unplug the Recliner if Not in Use:

There is a lot of speculation that the recliner on standby does use power. Turning it off is better than putting it in a standby position, or you should disconnect it from a power outlet. Because it can use energy even if it’s on standby position, not that much, but you can save a lot in the long run.

Use Battery Backup:

Battery backup can be helpful, especially when you charge it through solar panels. The battery backup is very usual from different aspects and energy efficient.

Using battery backup from your recliner consumes little power while charging but can become 100% energy efficient when you set it through solar panels.

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Getting Efficient Motor:

As we discussed before, having an efficient motor is the key to saving power consumption in a recliner. By Efficient motor, it should be durable and lightweight, not very old, and work appropriately with a recliner.

If you are getting a new motor for your recliner, ensure that your electric motor includes all those factors. 

Use Limited Seating Position:

That recliner has many seating positions and features, but if you want to save power, you should use a limited function. If you only need a reclining part, stop using a swivel, rocking, and lift mechanisms because it will cause you more than enough power. So it depends on you how efficiently you are using your power recliner.

There is good news for short-height people; our product selection team has researched and compiled a list of power recliners for short-height people. Please visit the article and choose the best one for yourself.

Final Thoughts:

An electric recliner’s power consumption depends on different types, sizes, weights, features, etc. Some factors make the recliner use much power, while others make it a limited power consumption.

I hope you know how much power an electric recliner uses, but if you have any questions, you should ask them in the comment section.

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