Can Sleeping in a Recliner Cause Back Pain?

sleeping in a recliner cause back pain or not

In our daily life, it’s essential to sleep, which supports your body and maintains physical health. Different things allow you to enjoy a happy rest. Most people are worried and search for the topic: can sleeping in a recliner cause back pain, throughout the internet because there is insufficient space to move around like a bed.

In short, sleeping in a recliner provides comfort and relaxation to your whole body. Recliner provides a unique sleeping experience with some additional features not available in the bed.

An adjustable recliner chair on the market allows you to elevate your legs above the heart to provide better blood circulation. It alleviates the pressure on your body and is the best alternative to the bed, providing comfortable sleeping.

If you are older, some concerns arise about the recliner, such as lack of movement, so it may develop back pain, but you can use massaging features to reduce the pain.

Sleeping in a recliner is good and bad for you. Do you need clarification on what I am saying? Please read the complete article to learn about its pros, cons, benefits, and the best way to sleep in a recliner.

Can Sleeping in a Recliner Cause Back Pain?

Sleeping in a recliner is the best option to improve your sleep. It may vary from person to person. There are different reasons sleeping in a recliner causes back pain.

can recliner sleeping create back pain issues
  • Lack of Proper Support: Recliners provide optimum comfort during sleep, but it’s not specially made for sleeping like a bed. There is a lack of adequate support in the recliner, which may lead to back pain. If you use an advanced, multi-functional recliner, you say goodbye to the lack of support problem.
  • Body Positioning: When you sleep in a recliner, your body may get unbalanced during a long sleep, which may put pressure on your back. Your spine and body’s other parts may not be appropriately aligned, leading to discomfort or pain.
  • Limited Movement: The recliner doesn’t allow you to move around like a bed but restricts your movements. Recliners have adjustable features which will enable you to adjust the sitting and sleeping position according to your needs.
  • Pressure Points: If you have a recliner that doesn’t have soft cushions and padding, it may create pressure on certain body parts, such as the neck and back. If you spend more time sleeping in a recliner, the continued pressure may lead to discomfort or pain.

Some people find recliners more comfortable for sleeping without back pain or other issues. Specific recliners for sleeping provide restful sleep all night long. 

If you are feeling back pain while sleeping in a recliner, you should choose the alternate option for sleeping. If still, the problem persists, then you should consult a doctor.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Recliners: What You Need to Know

Pros of a Recliner:

  • Comfort: Recliners provide a high level of comfort. It has some additional features providing extra comfort. The recliner has different features, such as adjustable features, extendable footrests, soft cushioning, and adjustable headrests, which allow you to find your favorite angle according to your preference.
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: Recliner is the best option to keep yourself relaxed and relieve stress while sitting and sleeping. It supports activities such as reading books, napping, etc.
  • Pain Relief: Recliners relieve different types of pain, such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and other health issues. The recliner has adjustable features that alleviate pressure on your body parts.
  • Versatility: There are different modern recliners available on the market with various features such as massage functions, USB ports, storage, and cup holders, which enhance the overall user experience.

Cons of a Recliner:

Back Pain after Sleeping in a Recliner
  • Sleeping limitations: The recliners provide a comfortable place for sleeping, but it’s not ideal for long-term sleep. It also has a lack of movement which leads to discomfort.
  • Cost: Recliners are more expensive than regular chairs. It has some additional features, so you will not regret your money if it’s worth it.
  • Space Requirements: The recliner required more space than the regular recliner. If you have a wall-hugger recliner so you can keep the recliner a few inches away to get into the reclined position.
  • Limited Mobility: If you have a power lift recliner that will help you get in/out from the recliner, help older people. If your recliner doesn’t have a power lift function, you may face mobility issues that are challenging for larger individuals.

Best Way to Sleep in a Recliner:

Sleeping in a recliner rather than a bed is the best alternate option for providing optimum comfort. If you have a certain health condition, a recliner is the best option because it comes with massage, heat, and other features that take the comfort to the next level.

  • Adjust the Recliner: You can adjust the recliner according to your choice and find your favorite angle. You can experience the different angles until you find the best and most comfortable angle.
  • Use Additional Support: You can use the additional support and enhance the comfort level by adding an extra pillow or cushions.
  • Maintaining Proper Posture: Maintaining good posture while sitting and sleeping in a recliner is recommended. It would be better to keep your spine aligned, which will help you to reduce back pain.
  • Create a Relaxing Environment: Place the recliner in a room with no noisy machine and a comfortable temperature.
  • Practice Relaxation Techniques: If you are having trouble during sleep, try relaxation techniques to improve your sleep. Take a deep breath, meditation, or muscle relaxations.

Final Verdict:

That was all about the topic “Is sleeping in a recliner bad for your back,” I hope it’s clear to you that for some individuals, it’s beneficial, and for some, it may lead to back pain.

If your recliner does not provide proper support and maintain your posture, it may cause back pain. A recliner is the best option if you are looking for temporary relief from back pain.

How is your experience with the recliner? Does it cause back pain or give relief from the pain? Let us know in the comments section below. It will help our readers.


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