Best Recliner for Neck Pain – 7 Recommended Picks

best neck pain recliner chair

If you are feeling neck pain after sitting on a regular chair for longer, then take this problem seriously because it may cause worn joints, injuries, and muscle strains. The best recliner for neck pain is a game changer, alleviating neck pain and providing optimum comfort and support.

Besides the recliner, make sure to take the proper treatment according to the Doctor’s recommendations. One of my friends was facing a neck pain issue.

According to him, the recliner is a more suitable option for neck pain issues than a regular chair because a recliner has more options to provide better support to the neck and back part of the body.

The recliner with an adjustable headrest and neck support will alleviate pain and reduce the pressure on your neck. Let’s discover the neck pain recliner for ultimate relief.

To get proper knowledge about sleeping in a recliner or get to know the proper position in a recliner while sleeping, then check the linked text. Continue reading…

Quick Look of Top 7 Best Recliners for Neck Pain Relief

Image Product Details   Price
backpac ASHOMELI Large Lift Recliner Weight Support: 350 Pounds

Dimensions: 38″D x 38″W x 43″H

Material: Genuine leather

Shape: Rectangular
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backpac DHITA Genuine Recliner Back Style: Tufted Back 

Dimensions: 37.4″D x 31.5″W x 41.7″H

Weight Support: 350 Pounds

Room Type: Office, Living Room, Nursery
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cordlessblower Kahuna Superior Massage Recliner Style: Zero gravity 

Material: Leather, Alloy Steel  

Dimensions: 49 x 29 x 50 inches; 246 Pounds

Brand: Kahuna
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cordlessblower VUYUYU Big Lift Recliner Dimensions: 32″D x 28″W x 41″H

Weight Support: 350 Pounds

Seat Material Type: Spongy

Material: Velvet
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cordlessblower ANJHOME Massage Recliner Weight Support: 300 Pounds

Dimensions: 36″D x 40″W x 43″H

Material: Textile 

Frame Material: Iron
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cordlessblower ANJ Electric Recliner Weight Support: 300 Pounds 

Material: Faux Leather 

Dimensions: 33″D x 35″W x 43″H

Brand: ANJ
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cordlessblower COMHOMA Power Recliner Shape: Rectangular Chair 

Material: Leather, Alloy Steel  

Dimensions: 29″D x 34″W x 42″H

Brand: Kahuna
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Choosing the Best Recliner for Neck Pain: Factors to Consider

recliner for neck pain buying Guide

Understanding Your Neck Pain: Identifying the Root Cause

When choosing the best recliner for neck pain, it’s important to know the causes of your neck pain discomfort and why you feel discomfort in the neck.

Many reasons lead to neck pain, such as spinal misalignment, poor posture, muscle tension, or other physical problems. Once you identify the problem, it will greatly help the selection process, leading to effective relief.

Ergonomics and Neck Support: Key Considerations

The ergonomic and neck support recliner is important in providing optimal comfort and neck pain relief. I emphasize that you make sure to consider the recliner with ergonomic features.

Look for a recliner that provides adequate support to your neck through or without pillows. The ergonomic recliner will promote overall posture and help in blood circulation.

Adjustability Options: Finding the Perfect Fit

The recliner comes in various sizes, so one size does not fit everyone. Ensure your recliner has different reclining mechanisms, giving you optimum neck support, an extendable footrest, and a good reclining position.

The adaptability ensures that your recliner will be customizable for the ideal level, providing comfort and relief for neck pain.

Materials and Upholstery: Balancing Comfort and Durability

The high-quality materials and upholstery play an important role in the recliner providing the ultimate experience. The plush cushioning and breathable fabrics will make you enjoy the day more relaxed.

The recliner comes in different materials such as fabric, leather, and much more you can go for your favorite one.

The memory foam and gel infusion revolutionized the concept of neck support, which is vital in enhancing neck support. The memory foam provides neck relief that targets the specific area of neck pain having discomfort.

The gel infusion is recommended for dual purposes to prevent warmth. Heating provides a good environment in the warm weather while sitting and sleeping.

1. ASHOMELI Large Lift Recliner – Best Overall

lift recliner for neck pain


  • Style: Powerlift Recliner
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Special Feature: Durable 

Hey! Finally, you have come to our first and best recliner for neck pain, which is the ASHOMELI recliner. No doubt, this recliner is a soft and large power lift recliner that is most suitable for you as you are suffering from neck pain.

From the reviews, this recliner not only gives relaxation to the neck but also supports your back, lumbar, and footrest. This is why we recommend this recliner at the top of our list. 

This electric recliner has eight vibration points that cover the back, lumbar, thighs, and legs. With a lumbar heating function, this recliner can better relax and eliminate stress and fatigue. This will lead you to improve blood circulation in the lumbar further.

It also has a well-made power lift function with a TUV-certified motor. You can press the button on the top of the remote to control the powerlifting or reclining of this chair.

It provides reclining or lifting between 90-160 degrees, which provides the best position for watching TV, reading a book, or taking a break. This lift chair also supports the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant women.

With the help of genuine leather material, it is easy to clean, provides comfortable sitting, and is durable for a long time. It also has USB charging ports and cup holders for your ease. 

Key Features:

Easy to Assemble: This recliner comes in two boxes and is super easy to assemble.

Soft and Comfortable: With high-density padding of the headrest, backrest, and armrests, it gives soothing relaxation. 

Essential Accessories: While suffering from neck pain, accessories like cup holders and USB ports are essential, and absolutely this recliner has them all. 

Storage: This power lift recliner also has small storage on both sides, and you can keep some small and important gears in reach.

  • Lumbar heating support 
  • Eight vibration points 
  • Improve blood circulation 
  • Different reclining position 
  • Dual side pockets 
  • Soft and comfortable seat
  • No proper instructions are available for hiding wires
  • A bit slow working recliner

Final Verdict:

Overall this recliner has good remarks for its well-padded structure and the leather surface and high, and doctors always recommend this sort of chair for neck-suffering patients. 

2. DHITA Genuine Recliner – Best Choice for Your Living Room

best swivel recliner chair for neck pain


  • Back Style: Tufted Back 
  • Color: Grey 
  • Room Type: Office, Living Room, Nursery
  • Shape: Solid 
  • Color: Grey 

Heah! The DHITA is a swivel recliner for neck pain, and you can use it for your living room. This recliner gives quick access to your surroundings, and people find it helpful for patients who suffer from neck pain.

The smooth and gentle swivel is 270 degrees, and the reclining is 90 to 140 degrees. With the help of this, changing positions can satisfy you in various postures such as sitting and reading, leaning against and watching TV, lying down, and resting. 

These all postures can be controlled with the touch of a button, and you will get a customizable position. This recliner also has a USB port for your phone charging within your comfort zone. The installation is easy and quick; you can complete it within five minutes. 

Moreover, this recliner has a power headrest, wooden contrast armrest, and double-layer backrest, which can deeply relax your head and support the rest of your body. 

Key Features:

Smooth and Gentle Reclining: This recliner provides smooth and gentle reclining, which is helpful for neck patients.

Power headrest: Another special thing for neck pain-bearing people is a power headrest that supports your neck.

Padded Surface: The surface supports your back and lower body parts.

Installation: Provide quick and easy installation within five minutes without wasting time.

  • Rocker Recliner 
  • Different reclining postures
  • Double layer backrest 
  • Stable base 
  • Sturdy internal frame 
  • Smooth surface
  • The footrest is a bit small for tall people
  • Does not provide storage pockets

Final Verdict:

The two things I like in this recliner for neck pain are the power headrest and well-padded backrest, which almost helps relieve pain. 

3. Kahuna Superior Massage Recliner – Best Massage Option 

zero gravity massage recliner for neck pain


  • Style: Zero gravity 
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Material: Leather 
  • Shape: Rectangular Chair 
  • Frame Material Type: Alloy Steel  

The Kahuna Superior recliner is a newly designed recliner that is also a  zero gravity recliner for neck pain. This massage recliner has a Bluetooth app controller for wireless control with a premium-quality speaker.

It has a total of thirteen programs, of which some are stretching programs, some are general programs, and some are special programs. 

This zero gravity chair provides heating therapy on the back and leg area with separate on and off buttons. Five important programs provide fast recovery, pain relief, relaxation, and athlete– important for neck pain sufferers. 

Overall, this recliner has a well-developed massage system that gives relaxation and comfort to the head, back, lumbar and leg areas. It also supports heavy weight due to the internal frame support. 

Key Features:

Zero Gravity Angle: The zero gravity angle of this recliner chair relaxes the whole body at once.

Stretching Program: The stretching program is essential for neck pain and relaxes the muscles.

Heating Therapy: The heating system of the recliner can support your body and skin. 

Bluetooth Controller: It is a wireless recliner and can be controlled through Bluetooth.

  • Deeper zero gravity 
  • Bluetooth app support 
  • Premium quality speaker 
  • Massage support 
  • Back heating system 
  • Develop a stretching program 
  • You may need a small pillow for head support
  • Massage is not available in hamstring areas of the legs

Final Verdict:

Overall, the structure of this recliner is made for neck pain or other kinds of pain relaxation and relaxes the body in different ways. It is almost a combo patient’s furniture and provides different functions in pain relaxation.

4. VUYUYU Big Lift Recliner – Best Chair for Elderly people

lift recliner chair for neck pain


  • Style: Recliner chair with massage and heating power lift chair
  • Color: Blue Gray
  • Pattern: Wingback
  • Shape: Recliner chair
  • Seat Material Type: Spongy
  • Material: Velvet

Based on people reviewing who used it, we keep this recliner in the fourth position on our list. VUYUYU is a big soft recliner with a TUV-certified actuator that pushes the entire chair up to assist the user in standing up easily without stressing the back or knees. It supports using a recliner by pressing two buttons on the remote control. 

It is also the best orthopedic recliner for neck pain due to its soft, cozy body structure and wingback. The power lift recliner chair has a USB port in the remote control for charging electronic devices. Two cup holders to meet your daily needs, two side pockets, and two front pockets to keep small items within reach. 

This lift recliner for the elderly is made of soft velvet material, which is very comfortable and has a nice finish and stitching. The backrest, seat cushion armrests, and footrest are filled with high-density sponges, providing ultimate comfort and support, just like the whole body is wrapped up in a chair.

Key Features:

Humanistic Design: Actually, it is the most important recliner for the elderly, but younger people can also use it after a hard working day.

Massage: The massage system targets your four body parts, your neck, lumbar, hips, and legs.

Heating: It also supports your lumbar part by providing a lumbar heater. 

Safety: It is highly safe for the elderly due to its stable base and wingback design. 

Assemble: This recliner comes in two boxes and is easy to assemble within a few minutes.

  • Power lift assistance 
  • Safe and humanistic 
  • Proper massage system
  • Stable base for safety 
  • Overstuffed padding 
  • Wing back support 
  • The massage and heat are minimal 
  • The remote controller has a small cord 

Final Verdict:

If I finish my wording for this recliner, it is awesome for its overstuffed padding, massage, and wingback safety. 

5. ANJHOME Massage Recliner – Best Massage Option

Neck Pain ergonomic recliner chair


  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Grey 
  • Material: Textile 
  • Shape: Rectangular Chair 
  • Frame Material: Iron

ANJHOME is a manual massage recliner with eight vibrating points (back, thighs, feet) and one lumbar heating point. Using the remote, you can select different modes and intensities according to your needs. It eliminates your fatigue and stress and helps you relax to enjoy your life better.

This recliner chair is made of soft and comfortable fabric, with a soft headrest, lumbar support, padded armrests, and an overstuffed cushion. It also has an ergonomic recliner for neck pain that provides ultimate comfort when you want to read, watch TV, or nap in the living room.

This chair is easy to assemble; you must take several minutes to assemble the chair by following the installation instructions attached. 

Key Features:

Friendly Material: Materials used in this recliner are skin and body-friendly and give relaxation. 

Soft Headrest: The soft headrest is important because it relaxes your head and neck.

Lever Support: Pulling a lever at the recliner’s right side, you will get your reclining position. 

  • Quick assembly 
  • Suitable for long-term use 
  • Overstuffed cushion 
  • Comfortable fabric material 
  • Lumbar heating support 
  • It is a non-rocking recliner 
  • Legs test is short

Final Verdict:

The grey fabric and overstuffed cushion is the most important part of this recliner, which plays a role in comfort and relaxation.

6. ANJ Electric Recliner – Best Color Choice

Electric Recliner chair for neck pain patients


  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Faux Leather 
  • Shape: Rectangular Chair 
  • Seat Material Type: Leather

ANJ is an electric recliner for neck pain that is easy to control, press two buttons on the side of the recliner, and you can smoothly adjust the footrest and back to your desired and comfortable position. PU leather with breathable microporous has good breathability, moisture absorption, and sweat-wicking ability.

Two built-in cup holders offer a supper theater experience at home. Whether right-handed, left-handed or have a drink in each hand, your new recliner has the perfect spot for your drinks. 

This power recliner chair has two USB ports hidden in the arm storage to charge various devices. This power home theater recliner can charge your tablet or phone while kicking back at home or the office.

Key Features:

Deluxe Back Texture Design: This Faux leather power recliner adopts a back texture design.

Breathable Fabric: It also has breathable fabric for your body’s comfort and pain relaxation. 

Armrest Storage: the armrest has small storage for your small items. 

  • PU leather support 
  • Breathable fabric 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Built-in USB 
  • Deluxe Back 
  • Charging ports
  • It is a heavy recliner 
  • It is hard to move from one place to another

Final Verdict:

This recliner has a good finishing style with multiple features such as storage, USB ports, cup holders, etc. 

7. COMHOMA Power Recliner – Under Budget Option

best recliner for neck pain under budget


  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal 
  • Shape: Rectangular Chair
  • Size: Oversize 

COMHOMA recliner is a last but not least recliner that has eight massage points and eight different massage modes that give relaxation to the back, waist, thighs, and calves.

Each group of massage points can be operated individually. The recliner waist adds two heat points, allowing you to massage and promote blood circulation to the whole body.

This massage rocker recliner is easy to operate; pull the side handle and tilt back. You can tilt and stretch your body up to 150 degrees. Plus, the 30-degree rocking function can make you more comfortable and help you eliminate stress and fatigue.

The COMHOMA recliner has a USB charging cable that allows you to charge your devices while sitting or lying down. 

Key Features:

Massage and Heat: A massage recliner for neck pain with eight massage points and a lumbar heater for comfort. 

Adjustable Angles: it also provides three adjustable angles for different purposes. 

Multifunctional Recliner: it is multifunctional because it has a USB port, both side storage pockets, and cup holders. 

  • Eight massage points
  • Two heat points
  • Multifunctional recliner 
  • Easy to adjust 
  • Rocking function
  • Friendly material 
  • It is not a fabric recliner 
  • Heavy in weight

Final Verdict:

The rocking function of this recliner can be used for more relaxation and is best suited for a nursery room, living room, and bedroom. 

How Often Should You Use a Recliner For Neck Pain Relief:

The frequency of the recliner chairs for neck pain depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Here are a few considerations you should keep in your mind. 

  • Listen to your Body: Pay attention to your neck pain and discomfort level. Are you feeling a quick relief while using the recliner? It’s an indication using a recliner on a regular basis will be more beneficial in providing neck pain relief.
  • Follow Professional Advice: It would be better to consult a physical therapist specialist to relieve neck pain. 
  • Use it During Designated Relaxation Time: Incorporate the recliner into the relaxation routine. Use the recliner continuously daily in the day and evening so you can enjoy all the benefits of the recliner for your neck.
  • Avoid Excessive Reliance: According to research, the recliner provides the ultimate relief from neck pain, but it’s recommended that you not only rely on it. Also, try to engage yourself in other activities such as good posture, neck exercise, and maintaining your life more balanced.
  • Maintain a Balanced Approach: Remember to strike a balance between the recliner and other activities. Do regular movement on a daily basis and exercise to promote good posture and prevent muscle stiffness.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Can a Recliner Worsen Neck Pain?

  • Yes, a recliner can worsen neck pain when you are not using the recliner correctly. Sometimes, the recliner is not suitable for the specific conditions you are using. Here are a few factors leading to worse neck pain.
  • Improper Posture: If you are sitting in a recliner with improper posture, it may exacerbate neck pain.
  • Insufficient Neck Support: All recliners don’t provide neck support, which may not alleviate your neck pain.
  • Incorrect Adjustment: The recliners come with different adjustment features. If you are not adjusting the recliner to fit your body correctly, it may worsen neck pain.

Are Massage Recliners Effective in Relieving Neck Pain?

Yes, the massage recliner effectively relieves neck and shoulder pain. The massage will reduce the tension on your body, muscles, head, neck, and shoulder. If you feel stressed and tired after a whole day of work, a massage recliner is the best option to enhance your comfort level.

Are Zero-Gravity Recliners Good for Neck Pain?

Yes, the zero gravity recliner is very beneficial for neck pain relief. It distributes the body weight evenly, which helps a lot to align the spin in the neutral position.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the best recliner for neck pain, and I hope it’s clear which is the best option for providing ultimate comfort to your neck and relieving pressure on your spine.

If you want to solve the neck problem, then a recliner is the best option to reduce the pressure on the neck with different features such as an adjustable headrest, massage, and heating functions.

Which recliner have you selected for neck pain relief, and how was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below. It will help our readers.

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