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Best Recliner for Cancer Patients

One of my friends has a cancer patient. He has faced all the problems you are facing now. Let’s discover the truth from his experience. He has used the ES Right recliner for years, and according to him, this recliner can make a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

Sitting in the regular recliner as a cancer patient is a bit difficult. Cancer is a dangerous disease that grows uncontrollably and spreads to other parts of the body, which may lead to severe issues. The best recliner for cancer patients will help a lot while sitting, sleeping, and performing other activities in the chair.

The uncontrollable cells can destroy other body tissues. Cancer can spread throughout the whole body. 

It would be better to consult an oncologist or a doctor treating cancer patients and providing medical care for cancer. The only recliner is not helping you as a cancer patient. First, consult an oncologist and use the medicine according to the Doctor’s recommendations.

Do you love to sleep and sit in bed? It’s better for you, but you may need to apply your body force while getting into the standing position. Let’s discover the recliner chairs for cancer patients to improve their quality of life of cancer patients during and after treatments.

Now it depends on you to read some sleeping tips for cancer patients and the buying guide first, which will make your mind clear to purchase a suitable recliner for yourself. Otherwise, skip the info section of the article and directly jump to the reviews to check all the products along with key points and make a successful purchase.

Quick Look of Top 7 Best Recliners For Cancer Patients

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Esright Grey Fabric Massage Recliner Chair Material: Textile, Iron Frame

Weight Support: ‎3oo Pounds

LxWxH: 32.3 x 26.8 x 40.2 inches

Brand: Esright
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backpac Signature Design Leather Power Lift Recliner Material: Polyester, Faux Leather, Metal Frame

Weight Support: ‎250 to 300 lbs

LxWxH: 35 x 40 x 44 inches

Brand: Signature Design by Ashley
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cordlessblower EVER ADVANCED Power Lift Recliner Material: Textile, Alloy Steel, Cushion Back

Weight Support: ‎330 Pounds

LxWxH: 29.1 x 34 x 40.5 inches

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cordlessblower Fjords Ulstein Swing Relaxer Recliner  Material: Leather, Foam, Alloy Steel

Product Weight: ‎95 Pounds

LxWxH: 34 x 32.5 x 39.5 inches

Brand: Fjords
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cordlessblower Homelegance Power Reclining Sectional Sofa Material: Leather, Solid Frame

Product Weight: ‎399 Pounds

LxWxH: 116.25″D x 116.25″W x 39.5″H

Brand: Homelegance
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cordlessblower Relaxzen Longstreet Rocker Recliner Material: Microfiber, Iron Frame

Weight Support: ‎300 Pounds

LxWxH: 38.5 x 36 x 39.5 inches

Brand: Relaxzen
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cordlessblower Homsof Brown PU Multi-Function Recliner Material: Polyurethane

Weight Support: ‎353 lbs

LxWxH: 16.5 x 23.6 x 20.47 inches

Brand: HomSof
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Recliner Selection Guide for Cancer Patients:

As a cancer patient, you must consider several factors before selecting the recliner to ensure the patient’s specific needs.

best recliner chairs for cancer patients

Comfort: Look for the recliner that provides ultimate comfort to cancer patients and minimizes discomfort and pain. Ensure the recliner has a padded armrest, thick backrest, and soft seated area that improves the comfort to the next level.

Adjustability: A recliner with adjustable features is the best option for cancer patients to move the body position to the desired angle. Ensure the recliner has an adjustable headrest, footrest, and good lumbar support.

Safety: Look for a recliner with safety features, such as a locking mechanism to help you lock the recliner in the desired position. Check the bottom of the footrest, and ensure it’s non-slippery to prevent damage and injuries.

Durability: A recliner with a sturdy frame will support a heavily weighted person and ensure longevity.

Materials: The materials used in the recliner play a significant role, as they come in different colors, so they’re made of other fabric materials. Depending on your choice, you can go for the recliner with fabric or leather upholstery. Both are incredibly comfortable and easy to clean.

1. Esright Recliner Chair – Our Best Choice

best recliner for cancer patients


  • Material: Textile, Iron Frame
  • Weight Support: ‎3oo Pounds
  • LxWxH: 32.3 x 26.8 x 40.2 inches
  • Brand: Esright

It’s overall the best comfortable recliner for cancer patients with a 360-degree swivel option. You can relax in this patient recliner chair using vibrating, heating, reclining, 360-degree swivel, and rocking features. The recliner is thickly padded and has a soft and sturdy fabric design, which is the perfect choice for intensive use.

The backrest of the patient chair is padded with an extra sponge, providing ultimate comfort for every type of patient. The design of the chair is very elegant and very friendly. Its rolled armrest is very soft and comfortable for relaxing your hands.

The two convenient cup holders let you rest your drink and enjoy discussion with your friends. The side pockets and extra storage bags will allow you to keep your magazine and other stuff there.

The manual massage control recliner allows you to recline up to 140°. The remote controller has a power cord, massage-controlling functionality, and different modes and intensity levels.

If you want to latch down the footrest while using the recliner, we recommend straight a little bit and using your full strength to release the footrest. This recliner is recommended for those people having 5’1″-5’9″ height.

Key Features:

  • Smooth Rocker: The smooth rocker and 360° swivel seat will give relaxation after a full day of work.
  • Comfortable Cushions: The seat cushion and armrest provide ultimate comfort.
  • Pockets & Cup-Holders: There are two-sided pockets and cup holders.
  • Comfortable Backrest: The thick padded backrest has a high-density sponge providing better support.
  • Robust Frame: The recliner has a durable integrated frame providing good body support weight.
  • Thick padded backrest
  • Two cup holders
  • Smooth reclining and swivel function
  • Small swivel recliner
  • Good heating feature
  • Footrest closing way manually

Final Verdict: If you feel that the massage feature is minor and loud, so there is an issue with the settings, we recommend changing the setting and trying the massage functions again.

2. Signature Design by Ashley – Power Lift Recliners For Cancer Patients

best recliner chair for breast cancer patients


  • Material: Polyester, Faux Leather, Metal Frame
  • Weight Support: ‎250 to 300 lbs
  • LxWxH: 35 x 40 x 44 inches
  • Brand: Signature Design by Ashley

This Signature Design by Ashely has a contemporary power lift recliner style making your living area more beautiful. This lift chair recliner has a powerful dual motor which allows the recliner to smooth and recline the mechanism. The most loving feature usually loved is the one-touch button that provides ease for lifting and elevates your legs for superior comfort. 

The color of the recliner is brown, which may match the other furniture in your living room. The brown saddle upholstery looks like leather, but in reality, it’s not leather. It’s a thick poly fiber with a cozy feel while touching the seat and overall recliner. 

The recliner has slow and fast power movement, so you can enjoy the activity according to your wish. The back of the recliner is designed for maximum comfort for tall people. The one minute is the estimated time of completion of the whole cycle.

The recliner is ideal for seniors and disabled people. The remote control will easily reach side pockets, so you can easily use the remote control for managing the chair functions.

If you have arthritis in your knees, you may feel a problem getting out of the couch or bed. It can also be your best recliner chair for breast cancer patients, which helps you easily get in/out of the chair. 

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Key Features:

  • Adjustable: This recliner is adjustable to different positions according to your needs.
  • Easy in/out: It’s the best choice for cancer patients to get in/out of the chair easily.
  • Remote Control: The recliners can easily control all the movements through a remote.
  • Fatigue Relief: The recliner will provide more relief to the cancer patient.
  • Smooth Mechanism: Its footrest and power lift functions work well and smoothly.
  • Good reclining mechanism
  • Very sturdy
  • Let you lie pretty flat
  • Comfortable for sleeping
  • Support enough weight
  • Not for a very tall person

Final Verdict: The motor on the recliner is powerful and holds enough weight capacity. You will find this recliner quite comfortable as a cancer patient.

3. EVER ADVANCED – Recliners With Heat and Massage For Cancer Patients

Recliners With Heat and Massage For Cancer Patients


  • Material: Textile, Alloy Steel, Cushion Back
  • Weight Support: ‎330 Pounds
  • LxWxH: 29.1 x 34 x 40.5 inches

The Ever Advanced recliner has good massage and heat functions. There are eight points massage systems with five adjustable modes and two intensity levels, offering full body support in your living room without going to the massage center. The lumbar heating system provides better blood circulation, which takes tiredness and stress away. 

This electric power lift recliner has a single motor, but it’s quiet and working smoothly. The motor works independently so that you can release the footrest and backrest separately. You can get your desired position up to 150 degrees. 

Have you done surgery? It’s the best recliner after surgery for cancer patients or any other patient helping the elderly get in/out with ease. The overstuffed pillow at the top, back, and armrest provide a comfortable seating experience for cancer patients.

If you have shoulder surgery, we would recommend you the best shoulder surgery recliners to provide optimal support to your shoulder.

The heavy-duty frame supports bulky people and works as a heavy-duty recliner. The USB outlets allow your electronic device to charge. Its sided pockets help to keep the small items there. Besides this, two cup holders give a rest to your hands and spend more time while drinking coffee.

It offers a wide seating experience for fatty and normal people. The footrest is adjustable so the cancer patient can comfortably sleep on it all day. 

Key Features:

  • Comfortable Backrest: The comfortable and upholstered backrest provides good support to your back.
  • Single Motor: It has a single quiet motor working very smoothly.
  • Movable Headrest: You can change the position of the headrest and footrest easily.
  • Prevent Slippage: The anti-skid fabric prevents it from slipping at any desired position.
  • Stay in position: This recliner will hold your body in the same place even if you sit on it longer.
  • Soft & durable fabric
  • Durable solid wood
  • High rebound sponge
  • A quiet single motor
  • Massage by remote control
  • Comfortable but slightly slow
  • It could be taller

Final Verdict: The buttons control the power lift function on the right side of the arms, which helps an entire chair easily get in/out of the chair.

4. Fjords Ulstein Swing Recliner – Manual Recliner For Cancer Patients

Manual Recliner For Cancer Patients


  • Material: Leather, Foam, Alloy Steel
  • Product Weight: ‎95 Pounds
  • LxWxH: 34 x 32.5 x 39.5 inches
  • Brand: Fjords

Suppose you are a cancer patient, but you think your body is strong, and Doctors recommend you exercise as well as a cancer patient. In that case, the best swing relaxer recliner has a manual reclining chair to get into the different positions.

This Fjords Swing Relaxer is designed ergonomically, providing good support to cancer patients. The recliner has an extendable footrest that helps prevent your legs from getting tired and stretches to keep them more relaxed as a patient. This recliner will relax your body and allow blood circulation better.

The back of the seat is very high, so it’s a comfortable choice for a tall person. The integrated footrest and backrest are adjustable for sleeping and watching TV. As a cancer patient, if you sit and sleep on this recliner for a more extended period, you will not feel any pain or fatigue.

The rocking feature works very smoothly. Its 360-degree rotations provide more relaxation after a full day of work. The unique integrated mechanism delivers the best neck support for neck pain.

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The weight of the body determines the recliner chair position. It has a lower profile chair than most chairs. The design of the recliner is distinguished from the other chair.

Key Features:

  • Spine Support: It provides good support to your spine and provides a correct sitting angle.
  • Good Body Support: The leg and back support are good.
  • Durable & Long Lasting: The recliner retains its durability and physical structure for years.
  • Compact Design: The recliner has an excellent contemporary design.
  • Modern & Stylish: It is a small and stylish recliner. 
  • 360-degree rotations
  • Swing relaxer recliner
  • Support your spine
  • Good rocking function
  • Ergonomic Reclining Chair
  • Footrest releases easily but is slightly difficult to get closed
  • The feet will not raise above your heart

Final Verdict: The content of the cushions is excellent. You don’t need to add extra cushions for additional support.

5. Homelegance – Laertes Recliner Chairs for Cancer Patients

Laertes Recliner Chairs for Cancer Patients


  • Material: Leather, Solid Frame
  • Product Weight: ‎399 Pounds
  • LxWxH: 116.25″D x 116.25″W x 39.5″H
  • Brand: Homelegance

The best recliner for cancer patients will provide good relief from every type of pain from the cancer patient. This recliner is completely different from the above-recommended products compared to its design and features. This recliner will provide an ample seating experience for you and your friends. 

It’s a modern reclining chair providing, so you can quickly get your desired position with one touch of a button. The main frame of this sectional sofa recliner is top-grain leather, while the back and side of the chair are 100% Polyester.

Each side of the recliner has its control. This loveseat comes in two pieces which are connected and hooked together. These two one-armed recliners fit together, making a loveseat recliner. A transformer in the recliner needs to be plugged into the outlet to power the recliners.

The recliner is very well-built, and it seems to be very comfortable. We recommend choosing a muted colour that matches your other living room furniture. 

It may take two people to put it together; you can assemble it yourself, but it would be better to ask for help. It’s longer than the other loveseat recliner so you can use it as a sofa.

Key Features:

  • Power Lift Recliner: It is an excellent power recliner work significantly.
  • Wide Seat: The seat of the recliner is extensive and comfortable.
  • Ultimate comfort: It’s the game changer for functional comfort in your living room.
  • Good Finishing: The fitting and finish of this loveseat recliner are outstanding.
  • Wall Hugger Functionality: It can be your hugger recliner that easily reclines 4 inches away from the wall. 
  • Easy to put together
  • Wide seat
  • Comfortable headrest
  • Supportable arms
  • Wall hugger recliner
  • Slightly bulky
  • Deliver in two boxes

Final Verdict: The recliner goes pretty far back for napping and sleeping. The back of the chair is very high, which gives enough support to the taller persons.

6. Relaxzen Recliner – Recliner with Lumbar Support For Cancer Patients

Recliner with Lumbar Support For Cancer Patients


  • Material: Microfiber, Iron Frame
  • Weight Support: ‎300 Pounds
  • LxWxH: 38.5 x 36 x 39.5 inches
  • Brand: Relaxzen

The recliner has a soft comfort and soothing massage option with a dual USB charging port. There are eight powerful massage motors, four zones with five intensity levels, and nine modes with lumbar heat, which provides constant relaxation. The seating area of the recliner is very soft and comfortable.

The plush microfiber upholstery is easy to clean. You can easily reach the remote control from the side pocket to get amazed by the feature of the chair. Two USB ports can quickly charge a smartphone or any other electronic device.

The recliner also provides vibration massage, relaxing your whole body after a full day of work. The recliner for cancer patients has a pullback control to enjoy the reclining mechanism. Its handle is under the arms, easily managed by the elderly.

The soft faux leather upholstery is easy to clean. Heavy-duty construction strengthens the recliner and supports up to 300 lbs of weight. The vibration of the recliner is not too loud. You will enjoy its sound while taking a massage.

Its footrest is easy to open, but while closing, it needs a little bit of human effort to close. The chair looks small in the picture, but it’s the right choice if you are an average person.

Key Features:

  • Good Lumbar Support: It is excellent for lower lumbar vibrations and is recommended for sleeping. 
  • Footrest Comes Up: When it reclines, the footrest always comes up.
  • For Short People: It’s the best chair for cancer patients and is recommended for short people. 
  • Hidden Cushions: The side cushions of the recliner are hidden under the chair.
  • Massage & Heat Functions: Its remote control has massage and heat functionality. 
  • Sided pockets
  • Easy access remote
  • Dual USB port
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful massage motors
  • Not a full-size recliner
  • Not too big 

Final Verdict: If you think the recliner is a bit difficult to close, I recommend removing the spiral spring underneath the chair to make the footrest easier to close.

7. Homsof Recliner – Specialist Recliner Chairs For Cancer Patients

Specialist Recliner Chairs For Cancer Patients


  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Weight Support: ‎353 lbs
  • LxWxH: 16.5 x 23.6 x 20.47 inches
  • Brand: HomSof

It is a multi-functional recliner that can be adjusted manually. The chair reclines up to 150 degrees, which helps you relax your back, and the extended footrest allows you to stretch and relax your legs. The recliner is multi-functional and ideal for sleeping, watching TV, and reading books.

The comfortable padded seat cushions provide more comfort and support while sitting longer on the chair. The recliner has an entire chaise sitting, providing good lumbar support. It has a pull recline device allowing you to adjust the angle according to your needs.

If you want to recline the chair easily, you need to pull the device under the arms and apply the body weight to recline the chair. The installation of the recliner is very simple and easy.

When you receive the box of this chair, you may seem a little big. As a cancer patient, if you can’t move it inside your home, we recommend asking for a courier to get the recliner box inside your home.

The recliner is very well made, helping a lot for cancer patients or people having other mobility issues. The-sided pockets allow you to keep the necessary items there.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable Headrest: The headrest of this recliner chair is very soft and comfortable. 
  • No Extra Pillow Required: There is no need for an extra pillow to add to the headrest and backrest parts.
  • Comfortable Rolled Arms: It has very soft rolled arms helping your baby easy to feed.
  • Good Armrest Support: The extra support on both sides of the arms gives more relaxation.
  • Adjustable: The footrest and backrest are easy to adjust according to needs.
  • Simple installations
  • Good stitching
  • Rolled armrest
  • Reclines up to 150 degrees
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Fewer reviews

Final Verdict: The recliner has fewer reviews, but all of the reviews are positive. It’s a very soft and comfortable recliner. You will not regret it.

How Much Sleep Does A Cancer Patient Need:

As a cancer patient, it depends on how much sleep a cancer patient requires, such as age, cancer type, health status, and treatment. However, it’s important to sleep 7-9 hours daily for cancer patients. Besides this, some people have some extra mobility issues, so talk about sleep with your concerned doctors.

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, you must sleep in a comfortable recliner, which gives good relief to all body parts. If you don’t have a recliner, you sleep in the bed but ensure you are comfortable on it. 

Do you have a lack of sleep? It’s a common problem with cancer patients that can occur for different reasons. The causes of cancer patients interfere with sleep, such as breathing, pain, and other mobility issues that make comfortable sleep difficult.

Sometimes the cancer patient causes anxiety and depression, which can contribute to difficulties in sleeping. If a change occurs in the medical treatment, it may affect your sleep pattern.

Besides this, if you are facing any other difficulties in sleeping as a cancer patient, you must discuss them with the concerned doctors. The healthcare provider will recommend proper treatments and other techniques that help you to improve your sleep.

Tips for Better Sleep for Cancer Patients

  • Make sure to do physical activity for 4-5 hours daily to improve sleep. 
  • If you are sleeping in a recliner or bed, ensure you are comfortable on it.
  • On our recommended recliner, take complementary therapies to improve your sleep quality, such as massage, heat, and vibration features.

Frequently Ask Questions

What makes a Recliner suitable for Cancer Patients?

The soft padding, comfortable seat, soft backrest, and seated area make a recliner suitable for cancer patients. Besides this, several other reasons make a recliner a good choice for cancer patients.

How can a Recliner help alleviate discomfort during Cancer Treatment?

The recliner will help the cancer patient to improve blood circulation and alleviate back pain during and after cancer treatments.

Can a Power Lift Recliner Help Cancer Patients with Mobility Issues?

Yes, the power lift recliner helps senior cancer patients get in/out of the chair and those with mobility issues.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the best recliner for cancer patients, and I hope it’s now clear to you which one is the best recliner chair according to the patient’s needs.

We don’t know what type of patients you have, but the recliner we reviewed is not specific for cancer patients. You can use the listed recliners if you have any other mobility issues.

Being a cancer patient, it would help if you showed yourself to a consulted doctor. Use the proper treatment according to the Doctor’s recommendations and rest in the recliner to get in/out easily.

Don’t be confused about choosing the recliner for cancer patients. ES Right is the best option offering extra features such as massage, rocker, and much more, providing supreme comfort to cancer patients.


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